Empowering Health Through Nutrition Therapy

With a few carefully selected and targeted changes inserted into your life, you may:

  • Digest food more effectively, without belching, gas, and turbulence “down below”
  • Sleep more soundly and feel fully recharged upon waking, maintaining that energy throughout your day
  • Recharge your immune system and decrease susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections
  • Make it through the allergy season with clear sinuses and less discomfort
  • Improve mobility by reducing musculoskeletal pain
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce risk factors for chronic diseases to which you may be predisposed
  • Raise your quality of life and overall vitality
  • Achieve greater focus, concentration, memory, and mood improvement
  • Clear skin eruptions, rashes, and acne for vibrant, youthful skin

How Working Individually with Katie Bauer through Nutrition Therapy is a Unique Opportunity to Create Long-Term Vibrancy and Wellness:

I focus on maximizing your potential for wellness and vibrancy, improving your quality of life, and preventing disease. Poor life-style choices, genetics, and aging contribute to a weakening of our body’s systems. We can alter this process by making better choices about the foods we eat, improving our eating patterns, getting regular rest and exercise, and by using appropriate nutritional and herbal supplements. A balanced program assists your body’s innate healing ability. Small changes in lifestyle can have a large impact on your energy levels and your total state of well-being.

Healing occurs on all levels-body, mind, and spirit. My main focus is to use dietary changes, lifestyle improvements, health coaching, and as needed, supplements and herbs to balance biochemistry. Poor life-style choices, genetics, aging and environmental exposure contribute to a weakening of our body’s systems. By educating ourselves about our options and making small but significant changes in the way we live and think we can dramatically change the way we feel. My goal is to help you gain the tools to keep improving your overall sense of health and vibrancy.



Areas of Specialty

Nutrition Therapy can support you with a number of health concerns, prevent disease, improve vitality and simply make you feel better. Katie’s areas of specialty and additional training are in:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Nutrition Therapy for Autoimmune Conditions. Katie specializes in the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, teaching workshops on it and offering cooking classes supporting it. Beyond that, Katie has received specialized training in autoimmune disorders, leaky gut and in calming down immune over-activity.
  • Nutrition Therapy for Digestive Challenges, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Katie sits on the Medical Advisory Committee for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and has received additional training in digestive disorders and digestive health. Katie is happy to work with your gastroenterologist, refer you to one if you need one or work independently with you.
  • Nutrition Therapy for Celiac, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Gluten Related Disorders. Gluten may manifest with non-gastrointestinal symptoms such as mood disorders, brain fog, ADHD, anemia, osteoporosis, skin issues and more. It is essential to remove any of the original causes of developing the disorder in the first place, in addition to supporting strict adherence to a gluten free diet. Katie is the Board Nutritionist for the Denver Celiac Support Association, adheres to a strict gluten free diet and has a gluten related disorder and gluten intolerance.


I offer a limited amount of private telephone and in-person one-on-one nutrition programs as well as group programs. If you aren’t sure what program is best for you, schedule an Exploratory Phone Conversation first.