Problems with Overeating? What Kind of Cookware do you Use?

Ditch the non-stick pans and improve gut-brain communication!

A new study published in Nature Communication in August by Cedars-Sinai investigators details the endocrine disrupting dangers of certain chemicals including Butylhydroxytoluene (BHT), a commonly added preservative to packaged foods and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a polymer found in non-stick (or teflon) cookware. Specifically, these chemicals have been found to disrupt gut-brain communication, interfering with signals sent from the digestive system to the brain to indicate satiety. As a result of this communication break-down, we might continue eating and over-eat instead of stopping when “full’!

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The #1 Key to Getting Halloween Sugar Cravings Under Control Video!

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Need more ideas for getting your sugar cravings under control? This FREE video shares all of the causes of your sugar cravings–beyond simply blood sugar balance!

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Breakfast recipes and ideas.

Minimizing Sugar Abundance for Your Family and Kids During Halloween

  • When treats come back – Throw them in the freezer (the treats, not the kids) and dole them out one a night after dinner
  • Only allow treat consumption in the presence of healthy protein and fiber to balance blood sugar
  • Purchase healthier Halloween candy and trade out yours for theirs (and don’t eat what you trade out)
  • Trade their candy for money or toys or fun activities the kids choose (and don’t eat their candy!)
  • Store candy out of sight such as in the freezer or a high cupboard
  • Send them out to trick or treat with a full tummy and plenty of protein to keep their blood sugar balanced and decrease how much candy they eat on the road
  • Make a plan with the kids before Halloween and the collection of candy booty so they aren’t upset when they don’t get to eat it all at once
  • Have them help prepare healthy cookies or treats they can come home to – healthier but more enjoyable than cracky candy
  • Allow some splurging or your kids will horde candy and sneak it
  • Coordinate a healthier Halloween with your neighbors
  • Adults & teens should be role models for eating Halloween candy in moderation and choosing healthier options
  • Keep active – perhaps only splurge on leftover candy after doing a fun outdoor physical activity together

Healthier Halloween Ideas for Adults

  • All the family tips, are true for the adults too! Moderation, putting candy out of sight, being physically active,etc.
  • Still allow yourself indulgences, but control them, so that you don’t go out of control later
  • Procrastinate: To avoid temptation, buy your candy for trick or treaters at the last minute and get rid of any leftovers via shelters or through your office
  • Choose healthier snacks and treats or non-food items to hand-out so that you aren’t tempted by leftovers
  • Eat before going to Halloween parties so your blood sugar doesn’t drop and you lose control and go crazy at the sugar buffet table
  • Keep healthy snacks and healthyish foods that you really love at work and school so that you have better options to splurge on then everyone’s leftover candy from Halloween. My healthy loves are: dark chocolate, olives, artichoke hearts, avocadoes, fruit, nuts, seeds, toasted shredded coconut, plantain chips, etc.
  • Bring a protein dish and a healthy dessert to share to any Halloween party so your needs are covered
  • Draw focus to costumes, a celebration of magic, fear of the dead, etc. instead of candy on Halloween

How to Break Your Chains of Sugar Addiction Video

In this video I discuss the physical and the emotional/mental/habitual causes of sugar addiction. If you have tried to sugar detox in the past, but failed, it’s not because you aren’t strong enough or lack willpower, it’s probably because you have an addiction to sugar. Until you deal with the root causes of your sugar addiction, your sugar cravings won’t end, which risks fatigue, mineral deficiencies, diabetes, weight dis-regulation and an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. With Halloween coming up, now is the time to get your sugar cravings under control!

For more information about the program mentioned in the video: “Sugar Addicts Unite: Break Your Chains of Sugar Addiction for Good”.

A Healthier Halloween: One “Trick or Treater” at a Time

Nov 1 is Eat Your Kids Candy Day“In our town, Halloween was terrifying and thrilling, and there was a whiff of homicide. We’d travel by foot in the dark for miles, collecting candy, watching out for adults who seemed too eager to give us treats.” — Rosecrans Baldwin

Halloween is no longer revered and feared as the time of year when the veil between the world of the living and of the dead is at its thinnest, but instead as a time to gorge ourselves on sugar while wearing sexy pirate clothes.

Not that I have anything against sexy pirates.

Healthy Treats to Hand Out

All of that said, I truly appreciate that Halloween is that one time of year when neighbors actually meet each other. I’m sad that we live in a world where so many parents no longer feel it is safe for their kids to “trick or treat,” though I entirely understand their concerns. So if you still live in a neighborhood that celebrates Halloween by sending it’s little people out in disguise to beg for sugar, here are some ideas for some healthier treats to hand-out that are individually wrapped but won’t get your house egged (aka no handing out toothbrushes, okay!), but please note these aren’t perfect. Some contain allergens like nuts and dairy and others contain sugars or sugar alcohol though all of my suggestions are gluten free (cuz that’s how I roll), lower sugars and more natural products. Not all of these companies are ideal, but by and large, these are better options to handout than candy corn. Please note, these are in no particular order and I have no ties to any of these companies:

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Are Your Sugar Cravings all “in Your Head”?

The first step to changing your relationship to food is to understand that relationship. Uncontrollable food cravings can make changing to a healthier lifestyle daunting and depressing. Social stigmatization can make it overwhelming and feel futile. Some friends, family, lovers, coaches and practitioners may even make you feel like there is something wrong with you because you can’t control your urges for certain foods; however, succumbing to sugar cravings is rarely a matter of willpower.

Once you understand the biological mechanics around food cravings, you can take steps to make lasting changes to your diet that will leave you happier, healthier and not feeling deprived. Realize that sugar cravings are not just cravings for that white powdery stuff, but also the foods sugar goes in (e.g. cakes, cookies, processed foods, fast foods, soda, etc.) and those foods that convert into sugar in the body (e.g. anything containing grains, such as breads and pastas; as well as higher glycemic vegetables such as potatoes and cravings of potato chips and French fries; and even fruits and fruit juice).

This article is part of a series of articles on supporting you to control your sugar cravings.  Each article uncovers a different cause of your sugar cravings.

A Cause: Imbalanced Neurotransmitters – Maybe it’s all in your head…

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Want Cake? Got Sugar Cravings? Listen to this…

Photo by Pierre Vignau:
Photo by Pierre Vignau:

Want cake?

We all get cravings for certain foods and sometimes those foods are not the healthiest choices for us.

“My name is Katie and I am a sugar addict. I’ve been clean for 6 hours.”

Sound familiar? I know that I’m not alone.

Once I break the sugar addiction and clean it out of my system, I’m fine. The cravings no longer strangle me with their incessant need and persistent control of my life. I stop dreaming about eating dessert. I stop thinking non-stop about getting my next sugar fix.

But it’s the getting it out of my system that’s the hardest part. Every. Time.

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Kick the Crack (aka Sugar) Addiction

I try to support people with whole foods as much as possible, but sometimes it is necessary to use a nutrient to support your health goals. If you are addicted to sugar or refined carbohydrates, now may be one of those times. In this video I share a nutrient that many of us are depleted in that can trick your body into thinking it’s getting glucose so it stops craving glucose (aka sugar and refined carbohydrates).

This tip will work for you if you have imbalanced blood sugar. So, if you get 3pm cravings every day for sugary foods, bready foods and caffeine and you are in a slump—this tip is for you. If you get shaky if you skip meals or get “bitchy” when you haven’t eaten—this tip is for you too! Watch the video!

Suggested amount for emergency craving: 500 mg sprinkled under your tongue (use powdered form or open a capsule). For restoring systemic imbalance: Two 500 mg capsules (or powder) three times a day between meals until cravings are no longer an issue.

For those of us that experience these symptoms, your blood sugar disregulation may be the cause of your sugar cravings and every time your blood sugar drops too low, you will get sugar cravings. Although the quick fix offered in the video will be helpful, you also need to work on the longer-term solution to supporting your health and balancing your blood sugar.

And consider joining the Vitality Transformation Blueprint Group to support you to improve your blood sugar balance, kick sugar to the curb, take control of all of your cravings, improve your comfort in the kitchen, skyrocket your energy and so much more. The next in person Denver group starts March 3 and the next virtual group for non-Denverites starts the first week of April (email katie(at)nourishedhealth(dot)com for more info).

Please feel free to share your tips below in the comments for “kicking the crack”… crack sugar that is.

Would you like to learn more? Check out our free Anti-Inflammatory Video Training Series.

Prescription for Health: Go Play in the Sun for an Hour and Call Me in the Morning

Winter sun bathing

Winter sun bathingHere in Colorado it is time to rejoice!!! It’s March and while March is our most snowy month, it is also when the sun finally rises high enough in the sky again for us to synthesize vitamin D into our skin. WooHoo!!! Exalt, as our “vitamin D” depleted winter that is generally from November through February has concluded. And if you don’t live on or above the 40 degree latitude (Colorado happens to sit on it), aren’t you lucky, because you have longer opportunities during the year to soak up sun that can be converted to vitamin D.

Okay, so I know that for us whiteys—our pale, see-through complexion of winter hibernating (yes, I’m talking to you too Seattle and Portland) is all the rage right now with the whole mass media vampire sexiness social appeal and the way our too bright, white reflection dazzlingly offsets the color of our hipster black clothing, but…suck it up and get some sun.

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One Simple Step to End Your 3pm Slump & Sugar Cravings

Afternoon fatigue

Afternoon fatigue

It’s 3pm. You are at your desk at work. You can hardly keep your eyes open. The day seems like it’s barely dripping by.

Ahh dripping…visuals of coffee are conjured. Coffee… Yes. That will give me energy. Coffee… Ooh and maybe there’s still a donut left in the break room that the sales guy dropped off at 10am. Oh wait… Maybe there’s still a piece (or two) of cake with that pink frosting left over from Marge’s birthday party break at 1! Yes, that’s it by golly. I’ll have coffee, a donut and cake…. Then I’ll be awake… Then I can make it through the rest of my day.

Sound familiar? This is a story I hear over and over again confessed from clients, usually accompanied by much embarrassment. The loss of control, as though a demon takes over, at 3pm EVERY day. EVERY day it seems that people all over get “the afternoon slump,” where they have no energy and turn to sugar and refined carbs, unconsciously to boost their energy through a boost in blood sugar.

So there it is… Balance your blood sugar before 3pm so that you don’t unconsciously crave sugars to boost it when it’s low. That’s it. But how, you might ask…