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Do you know what to eat to boost your mood and brain health?

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In this Webinar you will learn…

  • How to know if you might be low in any of the neurotransmitters & whether that is causing your low mood, problems with motivation and/or stress & anxiety.​
  • 5+ Dietary Keys, the foods to eat and those to avoid to support neurotransmitters, a stable uplifted mood, and brain health.
  • To optimize digestion to boost serotonin.
  • To break addictions to sugar & caffeine by optimizing your brain.
  • How to time your meals.
  • To be more resilient to stress and less anxious.
  • Which food boosts focus & motivation by 40% in studies.
  • What nutrient co-factors are required for neurotransmitter production.
  • For healthy brain aging & functioning to avoid these ingredients that are known neurotoxins.
  • If food intolerances could be affecting your mood.
"Katie is a rockstar at breaking down complex topics to be easily understood and 'digested'. I learned more on nutrition for the brain in this hour than I did in my entire dietician education."
I wish that I had listened to this talk years ago. Changing what I eat and when I eat it has been life altering and so empowering. I feel so much more in control now of my mood and my mental clarity. Thanks!

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