Nutrition Therapy for Brain Performance

Brain fog may manifest as mental confusion, lack of mental clarity, forgetfulness and attention problems (including ADHD). Brain fog makes work, school and relationships difficult. The result is often detachment, discouragement low self-esteem, depression, problems holding down jobs, low grades, frustration and unhappiness in relationships.

To activate improved brain performance, nutritional and biochemical imbalances are naturally addressed that directly affect the brain and central nervous system. Detoxification channels are improved to release toxicity, heavy metals, imbalanced hormones, excess weight and more that prevent improvement in brain function. Intestinal health is restored to prevent toxic reuptake through a slow bowel transit time, eliminate leaky gut that results in leaky brain and eliminate food allergies and intolerances. Powerful natural mood-enhancers are made from amino acids derived from proteins that can be supplemented and also supported through dietary changes. This nutritional therapy can quickly raise the levels of the targeted neurotransmitters, creating positive changes in mood that are often evident in as little as a few days.

Nourished Health Nutrition Therapy works to identify and eliminate the factors that resulted in poor neurotransmitter function and development in the first place, which include dietary and lifestyle choices and imbalances in the adrenals, thyroid and/or sex hormones. We provide customized supplement programs and food plans that identify and eliminate any mood-impairing foods; support for thyroid, adrenal, or sex hormone function; blood sugar regulation; and investigation and elimination of toxicity.

Nourished Health Nutrition Therapy takes a limited number of private, one-one-one clients in person or via telephone/skype sessions. Please click here to find out if this is the right option for you.