Eating for Vitality 4 Week Group Program

Learn how to naturally boost your energy, elevate your health and improve your mood with food!

Dates: Wednesdays 6/20, 6/27, 7/11 and 7/18  from 7-9pm (no class 7/4)

Cost: $47/person. Small group format, space is limited. Email or call 720-295-6492 w/questions.

Are you overwhelmed from all of the conflicting dietary ideologies, information and misinformation out there? Are you looking for a way to cut through all of the science and propaganda to know what will work for your body and your health? Learn practical information and receive guidance in a group format to learn to make daily healthy dietary and lifestyle decisions that will drastically improve your health and enliven your energy.

Each week includes a presentation of the information, a cooking demonstration, recipes, discussion of how to implement the material for that week into your daily life and question/answer time for your own health challenges.

  • Week 1: Eating for Energy and Stress Relief–-Learn what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, how and when to eat to drastically improve your energy, vitality and sleep. Learn how to eat to improve your stress response. Do you hit a wall at 3pm every day, at which time you load up on more coffee, soda or sugar as you bide your time until the day is finally over and you can go home and crash? If this is you… this information will change your life forever!
  • Week 2: Using Food to Prevent DiseaseLearn how to incorporate nutrient dense, protective, immune supportive foods into your daily lifestyle to support the natural defenses of your body. Susceptibility to colds and allergies is an indication that your body is at risk for diseases and chronic fatigue.
  • Week 3: Elevate Your Mood with Food—Depression, tension, irritability, anxiety and cravings are all symptoms of a brain that is deficient in natural mood enhancing and pleasure promoting neurotransmitters. Their production and absorption is dependent on the foods we eat. Turn to whole foods that target your brain instead of psychiatric drugs, sugar, caffeine and street drugs to elevate your mood.
  • Week 4: Strengthen Your Digestion to Have Vital Health—Digestive strength is the basis for all health. Most health concerns can be traced back to digestive strength. Whether you experience digestive disturbance symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, intestinal cramping, bloating and gas or not, strengthening your digestive system will boost the amount of nutrients you get out of your food and how your body responds to the food your eat.

Bonuses Include

  • A One-On-One Nutrition Assessment before or near the beginning of the program to help you determine what areas of the program to focus your time and energy on, along with goal setting and achieving support. $100 value
  • Ongoing, Weekly Nutrition Analysis to help you reach your nutrient goals and overcome deficiencies in your diet. $200 value

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