Approach to Vital Health

With a few carefully selected and targeted changes inserted into your life, you may be able to:

  • Digest food more effectively, without belching, gas, and turbulence “down below”
  • Sleep more soundly and feel fully recharged upon waking, maintaining that energy throughout your day
  • Recharge your immune system and decrease susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections
  • Make it through the allergy season with clear sinuses and less discomfort
  • Improve mobility by reducing musculoskeletal pain
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce risk factors for chronic diseases to which you may be predisposed
  • Raise your quality of life and overall vitality
  • Achieve greater focus, concentration, memory, and mood improvement
  • Clear skin eruptions, rashes, and acne for vibrant, youthful skin

Creating Long-Term Vibrancy and Wellness:

I focus on maximizing your potential for wellness and vibrancy, improving your quality of life, and preventing disease. Poor life-style choices, genetics, and aging contribute to a weakening of our body’s systems. We can alter this process by making better choices about the foods we eat, improving our eating patterns, getting regular rest and exercise, and by using appropriate nutritional and herbal supplements. A balanced program assists your body’s innate healing ability. Small changes in lifestyle can have a large impact on your energy levels and your total state of well-being.

Healing occurs on all levels-body, mind, and spirit. My main focus is to use dietary changes, life-style improvements, supplements and herbs to balance biochemistry. Poor life-style choices, genetics, aging and environmental exposure contribute to a weakening of our body’s systems. By educating ourselves about our options and making small but significant changes in the way we live and think we can dramatically change the way we feel. My goal is to help you gain the tools to keep improving your overall sense of health and vibrancy.

I offer a limited amount of private telephone and in-person one-on-one nutrition programs as well as group programs.

The Focus

During your initial consultation, I will review your health goals, personal and family medical histories, your available laboratory tests, and four-day food diary. After a careful analysis I develop a nutritional ‘picture’ of your specific needs. We will discuss my impressions and how they relate to your health concerns. From our conversations, I will develop recommendations. My goal is to educate and guide you towards optimal health. I believe that people become motivated by learning more about themselves and feeling their body changing.

Each client receives an individualized program based on their unique biochemical needs, lifestyle, and the science of nutrition. I will give you more extensive questionnaires which provide more detailed information and help me track your progress. Based on the results of your metabolic assessment, we will order blood, saliva and/or urine laboratory tests to provide a more complete health picture, to track your progress and to confirm we are moving in the best direction to support your needs. We will work together to develop a program designed to maximize your health. I am also glad to work with your physician or as part of your health care team.

Programs and Recommendations may Include:

– Meal Plan and Recipes in Keeping with your Biochemical Needs and Lifestyle

– Exercise Programs

– Nutritional Supplements

– Herbal teas and tinctures

– Detoxification/Anti-inflammatory Cleansing

– Relaxation Techniques

– Stress Reduction Skills

– Creative Problem Solving

– Goal Setting and Visualization Support

– Cooking Education for Specific Needs or Diets

– Elimination/Provocation Diet

– The MEND (Manifesting Emotional Needs Directly) Technique® is a tool that I have developed to support my clients to move forward through blocked emotional and energetic pathways in their bodies and lives. We start out together, uncovering old stories, connecting them with physical and emotional issues, and releasing their energy through manifestation of alternate emotional needs. This technique supports the person to move forward, past obstacles to create the healthy life they desire. This technique can be used for creating and manifesting goals in health, relationships, business, finances, family and more when a person is holding their own progress back, as a result of imagined or real obstacles and struggles.

Consultations are done in person at my integrative health center, Nourished Health Center, in Denver or over the phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.

Each person’s needs are unique. I tailor each program to suit the person-their life and goals. One person may benefit from a blood type diet, another from a Zone-type diet, paleo or primal diet and a third from a high-complex, high-carbohydrate vegetarian diet. Supplements and herbs also vary. By tuning in to your specific needs you can give your body what it needs to stimulate its own innate healing response. We don’t get ill overnight, and healing also takes time. It is important to remember that progress is the goal.

I limit the number of one-on-one clients I work with. I only take clients that are motivated to create real health changes in their lives and are ready to put in the work and receive the support they need to make those changes.


If you are ready to change your health now, schedule a free Initial Exploratory phone meeting. If you have any questions email katie (at) nourishedhealth (dot) com or call 720-295-6492.