Juvenile Arthritis Conference Presentation

Thanks for your interest in my nutrition presentation at the Arthritis Conference. As I mentioned during the workshop, I am offering a free workshop on Breaking Your Sugar Addiction that is in Denver CO on Tue July 22 or Live-Streamed anywhere! You can learn more and RSVP here. Sugar is inflammatory, but does it cause arthritis flares? For some it may and for others it may not… It did flare the JIA of a friend of mine, who explained:

sugar causing JA flares

Slideshow Presentation for Arthritis Diet Myth Busters:

To start the slides, click “start Prezi” in the middle of the slideshow screen, allow it to buffer and then click the arrows to advance the slides. You can also open the presentation up into full screen mode. The powerpoint presentation below was created with Prezi software. Please note that this is not a transcript of the presentation. There was information presented that is not written on the slides as most of the slides are photos.

Presentation Handouts


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There have been several questions as to what labs I suggest for the testing I mentioned in the presentation. Which labs are right for your child depends on your child’s situation. Each of these 3 labs provide different forms of food sensitivity testing:

Cyrex Labs: Array 2 tests for leaky gut, Array 3 tests for celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Array 4 is a food sensitivity test (IgG and IgA) as well as testing for foods that someone’s body may confuse as gluten so especially beneficial if your child has already been diagnosed as gluten sensitive (celiac or non-celiac).  It does not test for allergies (e.g. IgE so not-anaphalactic type reactions)
US BioTek: Food sensitivity and allergy testing for IgG, IgA and IgE antibodies.
ALCAT: Food sensitivity testing that tests for inflammation of the white blood cells instead of testing for antibody production. ALCAT is what I use, so I’m more familiar with that one but LEAP testing is just as good so you can search for that–they use the same technology and the owners started out in business together.