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Whether you are a Vitality Transformation Blueprint Member or a Healthy Inside and Out Member, you will be able to access all of your membership privileges and materials via this page. The Vitality Transformation Blueprint Members are automatically also members of Healthy Inside and Out and can access all materials on this page for both memberships. If you are a Healthy Inside and Out member, you can learn more about the Vitality Transformation Blueprint here.

If you need to change your Membership Profile, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about your access or if you have any problems accessing the materials here, please contact Katie Bauer at katie(at)nourishedhealth(dot)com or call 720-295-6492.

Healthy Inside and Out Membership:

Journey to Aware Eating and Sublime Gut Health

The Healthy Inside and Out Membership officially begins May 1 at that time, monthly interviews, cooking demonstrations and recordings of the coaching sessions will be uploaded here.

The Go With Your Gut Webinar Series will be uploaded here one at a time, as they are made available after their live broadcast–you will not need to wait until May 1 to download these.

Go With Your Gut Webinar Recordings (free with your membership):


How to Optimize Your Mental and Emotional Health through What You Eat

How would your life be different if you were happier, healthier, more motivated and if the veil on your brain was lifted? So many of us experience brain fog, low motivation, anxiety, sadness, depression, memory issues, sleep issues and other mental/emotional concerns. Our digestive system is considered our second brain, with 95% of serotonin produced in our gut and all other neurotransmitters having some significant amount of residency there. As such, it is no wonder that working on digestion drastically impacts our emotional and mental health too! When you know exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how to eat it, your brain functions better, your mood improves and you sleep more soundly! In this webinar, you will learn:  

  • Signs and symptoms to be aware of that may indicate deterioration of brain health or lowered neurotransmitters
  • Specific tools and easy to implement changes to your diet to drastically improve your brain health and your emotional state.

Access the Recording Here


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 Vitality Transformation Blueprint Members can access the following links that correspond to each module of your program:

  • Week 1: Balance your brain chemistry and recharge your adrenal health with simple dietary changes.
  • Week 2: End 3pm fatigue and junk food cravings by eating the right foods at the right times.
  • Week 3: Restore your digestive health and create unparalleled vitality with easy ingredient replacement.
  • Week 4: Alkalize your body and calm your sympathetic nervous system by tuning into your thyroid’s food and nutrient needs. Learn how to change your emotional health to change your thyroid health. Uncover the negative self-talk that is damaging your thyroid!
  • Week 5: Support your liver to detoxify safely and gently without deprivation and Eat to Burn Fat by learning to change a common pattern of dis-ease and ill health. Lose weight while you sleep! Proactively prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes while boosting your metabolism and eating to burn fat with simple ingredient replacements and awareness.
  • Week 6: Enjoy your food like you enjoy a lover. Change your relationship to food and cooking forever through simple mindfulness techniques.
  • Week 7: Learn to recharge and redirect your immune system for optimal health and assess your nutrient intake and nutrient needs.
  • Week 8: Celebrate Your Success and Putting it all Together: Where to go from here? How to continue the changes you choose to keep? From depleted to vital… maintaining the momentum.


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