Nutrition Therapy Services

What Katie’s Clients are Saying:

 One-On-One Nutritional Therapy Services to Choose From


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On the Fly

Investment: $250

(This investment can be applied to the 30 day or 90 day programs)

  • You are unsure if you want to do the 30 day Jump-Start or 90 day Transformation and would like to try something with a shorter commitment first to decide whether you should continue.
  • Or your health is already on track, but you feel as though you could benefit from an in-depth assessment of your health and a review of your current diet to make tweaks as needed.

This program includes:

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  • Extensive Intake Meeting (in person or via Skype)—Read about below
  • Comprehensive Healing Plan Tailored for You—Read about below
  • Save 20% on any supplements purchased during Intake Meeting
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Nourished Health 30 Day Jump-Start

Investment: $497 

Are you ready to know exactly what to eat to feel your best? Do you want to wake up with energy, purpose, and joy? This 30 Day Intensive Jump Start is for you if:

  • You’re ready to make big changes in your life

  • You want to transition to a real food diet but need a support system

  • You yearn to feel healthy and vibrant

  • You’re invested in creating change in your life, no matter what it takes

This program includes:

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  • Extensive Intake Meeting (in person or via Skype)—Read about below
  • Comprehensive Healing Plan Tailored for You—Read about below
  • Food Log Tune-Ups—Read about below
  • Email support for Q&A throughout Your Program
  • Final Action Plan for Moving Forward—Read about below
  • 3 Weekly Meetings (in person or via phone or Skype)—Read about below
  • Save 20% on any supplements purchased during the program
  • Receive a 30% discount on any group cooking classes during the program for you and friends/family
  • Receive a 50% discount on any online program. Must registered for any online program/s during our month together to receive the discount. Completing the online program can happen at your convenience.
  • Receive 50% off an In-Home Intensive—Read about below
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Vital Health 90 Day Transformation

Investment: $1191 paid up-front or $397/month (Over $5000 Value)

Do you want to transform your life? Are you tired of not knowing how or what to eat to make you feel and look your best? Do you lack energy throughout the day and possibly even in the morning after a full-night sleep? Have you lost your vitality, motivation and excitement for life or the things you used to enjoy? Do you want to learn to change your nutrition and discover the root causes of your health concerns but you’re just not sure how?

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You have a chronic health condition that you want to turn around naturally
  • You experience inflammation or possibly triggers to an autoimmune disease and you want to know if what you are eating has anything to do with it and what food choices and ways of eating would be healthier for your immune system
  • You have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease or can't seem to get to the root of why your digestion is not functioning properly, you have irregular bowel movements and stomach pain.
  • You have depression or anxiety and are seeking alternatives to conventional drug therapy
  • You need to lose a significant amount of weight or are having a difficult time putting weight on and want to do so in the healthiest way possible
  • You are absolutely determined to learn new things about yourself and your body
  • You are ready to put new habits into practice
  • You’re ready to eat delicious real food, and ENJOY every bite of it

This program includes:

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  • Extensive Intake Meeting (in person or via Skype)—Read about below ($200 Value)
  • Comprehensive Healing Plan Tailored for You—Read about below ($50 Value)
  • Weekly Food Log Tune-Ups—Read about below ($25/per tune-up Value)
  • Final Action Plan for Moving Forward—Read about below ($50 Value)
  • 3 Weekly Meetings (in person, phone or Skype) during first 30 days and 2 Meetings every other week after first 30 days--Read about below ($1400 Value)
  • Email support for Q&A throughout Your Program ($50 Value)
  • Access to personal cell phone number for phone support throughout Your Program ($100 Value)
  • Cooking Class and Meal Plan Preparation Class--Read about below ($200 Value)
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cupboard Cleanse--Read about below ($100 Value)
  • Grocery Tour and Shopping Trip--Read about below ($100 Value)
  • Enrollment in all online courses and group coaching programs that are run, for a year, such as the Vitality Transformation Blueprint Program, the Sugar Detox Program and the Gluten Free Quick Start Program ($1000 Value)
  • Ticket to all workshops and presentations provided for a year--Katie's events and other's events where she presents ($1000 Value)
  • Review copy of all future published books indefinitely ($100 value)
  • Save 20% on any practitioner-only supplements, for your lifetime, that we carry
  • Receive Practitioner Pricing on testing during the program (for example, receive Cell Mediated Food Sensitivity Testing of 200 foods at 50% of the list price!)
  • Option to continue after the 90 days, month-to-month for only $197/month
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Extensive Intake Meeting (1.5 – 2 hours)

Via Skype or phone internationally or in Denver, Colorado office

This process is designed to save you money and time in the long-term by performing the appropriate diagnostic testing and evaluation before treatment begins. Identifying the underlying patterns contributing to disease is the key to a successful and lasting outcome.

Dis-ease originates in four ways: congestion, stagnation, depletion and deficiency. In the Vital Health Intake, we will jump-start your health improvements by making several upgrades to your current diet, lifestyle and supplement plan. The goal is to begin ridding your body of excess, while simultaneously filling in deficiencies, and identifying the root cause of health issues so that your biochemistry can begin to shift, and you experience lasting positive changes rapidly.

We will also review any recent lab work, medications, current supplements and your health goals/concerns. You will leave with a detailed action plan to impart positive change in your life immediately and a step-by-step plan of what will take place during your customized  three-month Vital health Journey that will allow you to fully take control back over your health issues, truly changing your lifestyle for good and achieving long-term vibrant health.

The Intake Includes:

  • A thorough review of your medical history and relevant previous lab work from within the last year
  • A metabolic and neurotransmitter evaluation and review
  • Recommendations for further testing (if necessary).
  • A treatment plan including diet, supplements and lifestyle therapies.

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Comprehensive Healing Plan and Final Action Plan

This program promotes healing from the inside out, allowing your body to cleanse and balance itself, in ultimate vitality. Every *body* is different with very different lifestyles, which is why ONLY a highly customized program specific to YOUR body’s needs is effective.

This program radically improves your health and happiness by correcting imbalances and chronic issues, incorporating new and exciting foods into your diet, and making positive lifestyle changes that are supportive to the way you really want to live in order to thrive in vitality. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and passion for every day.

Together we identify the root cause/s of your health concern/s and build a health plan that fits your lifestyle, goals and opportunities from there. We will set goals together and I will support you to reach them. When your program finishes, you will receive a final action plan to support you to continue course and build on the momentum we created.

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Food Log Tune-Ups 

Need a diet tune-up? Send in your weekly food and symptom log, and I’ll look it over and give you some feedback to implement. Not sure if you’re eating too much protein, carbs or fat? Not sure if you’re eating a well-rounded diet and getting all the nutrients you need for your health challenges or goals? Or want to know what food might be causing GI distress?

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Weekly Meetings 

Via Skype or phone internationally or in Denver, Colorado office

Our meetings are always fun-filled and fact-full. In these meetings, we will follow your goals and your Extensive Healing Plan. Expect to deal with your cravings, eliminating emotional eating and dramatically improving your relationship with food. You will take consistent action as each session builds off the one before it. We will identify and eliminate foods that don’t work for you and replace them with healthy and delicious options. You will make simple yet profoundly effective lifestyle changes, including finding exercise/physical activity that your body enjoys. Expect some food counseling, menu planning and the integration of new, better foods into your diet. You will receive an over abundance of recipes to fit your specific needs, goals and food options. You will learn how to make healthy food choices at work and on-the-go (includes travel tips). You will experience comfort in shopping and cooking with convenient tips on how to make living healthier fit into your lifestyle. You will discover awareness when eating and in life. You will decrease stress and/or the way you perceive and experience it. Most importantly, you will be supported to have fun in your food choices and health, finding joy in life and living in an inspired, motivated and authentic way. Depending on your Intake, Healing Plan and Goals, we may work to test and balance your thyroid, adrenals, gastrointestinal system, neurotransmitters and hormones, as needed.

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Cooking Class and Meal Plan Preparation

We will go over your customized menu based on your metabolic assessment, health goals, health history, diagnostic tests, and food sensitivities and allergies and prepare a week’s worth of healthy meals for the entire family, showing you how to make basics and then bring them to life with different condiments to fit everyone’s taste buds! The idea is that you do not have to spend your life in the kitchen to be healthy. With our strategies and your willingness to carve out a few hours a week for food prep (which allows you to make 10-minute meals all week), a much healthier, wholesome and tasty diet for you and your family are easily in reach. This is held at your home (depending on your location), in the Nourished Health Center Culinary Classroom, or via Skype.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Cupboard Cleanse

We will scavenge through your cupboards in order to pinpoint what stays and what goes, explain why, and develop a grocery list of house staples based upon our discoveries together. All products not healthy for your specific needs and goals will be donated to a shelter, food pantry or safe house. The kitchen will be reorganized to encourage you to cook more, and we will review food storage products and cookware.  This is held via Skype.

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Grocery Tour and Shopping Trip 

Here is where we restock the entire kitchen and bathroom with high quality natural products that are safe for your health and needs. We will also familiarize you with your local health food store, so that you will feel comfortable finding all kinds of new foods and products that fit your new lifestyle and meal plan. You will come away understanding how to read food labels and which ingredients should be avoided for your specific health needs and allergies and sensitivities. If you are not local to Denver, this will be offered via Skype on your phone (must have a Smart phone to do this). You are responsible for the cost of groceries on this trip.