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Anyone can cook healthy and delicious food. I’ve taught over 500 people, in-person, of all ages and skill levels how to cook healthy, with confidence, and with joy. Enter the world of culinary magic… right in your own kitchen! Now you too, can have a Therapeutic Personal Chef who shares her secrets, tricks, and techniques – so you’ll be enjoying eating healthy and cooking healthy in no time! Hands-on. Step by step. In person. In your own environment. It’s easier than you think!

Why Consider Private Cooking Lessons Instead of Attending a Class?

A private cooking class is especially beneficial if you have a special diet you are adhering to; have health challenges you are wanting to cook for; have food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities; or have a family that has differing tastes or dietary choices or requirements. A one-size-fits-all group class won’t fit your needs as well as a private cooking class attuned to your special health challenges, needs, and dietary requirements. If you attend a public class, not all of the recipes will fit your needs, you won’t be able to eat everything, and you risk cross-contamination of allergens. Whether you are paleo, vegan, can’t have nightshade vegetables, are on the low FODMAP diet, the low histamine diet, are diabetic, have a yeast overgrowth, have celiac disease, have heart disease, or whatever, a private cooking class is tailored to your personal health needs and dietary choices or requirements. The class is FOR YOU and YOUR NEEDS and desires!

In a group cooking class, the class may move too fast and you may fall behind if you don’t have much cooking experience or you may get bored as you wait for everyone else to learn techniques you mastered long ago. In a private cooking class, the speed and depth is adjusted to your skill level.

After owning a leading Denver cooking school, Nourished Health Cooking School, for six years and teaching in-person classes to groups every week, I’ve realized that there is often a disconnect between learning how to cook in a professional kitchen with every tool and gadget imaginable versus learning how to cook in your own kitchen with its own constraints and its own special flow. Cooking setup, techniques, and results are different depending on whether you have a gas or electric stove, a convection or conventional oven, whether you are in a full kitchen or a kitchenette, in a dorm room or studio apartment, and based on how your kitchen is laid out. Of course, you can always remodel your kitchen and buy the fancy equipment to turn your kitchen into a professional chef kitchen or you can tune your culinary style to your kitchen and learn the techniques and skills that you can take to any kitchen, anywhere.

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How this works:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire with information on your health needs, allergies, dietary choices, kitchen set-up, cookware, etc. Request a date, with back-up options or a date range. Provide any menu items you know you want included (comfort foods you would like to upgrade for health, foods you want to cook for a special event, etc.). Need menu ideas? No problem–I have you covered.
  1. Schedule a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation to discuss what we will cook and how it will work. We will finalize the menu and the plan by email after our phone meeting. I will send you a list of pantry items and equipment we will need for recipes. I can shop for the pantry items with the other groceries or they may be items you already have on hand. We will use whatever equipment you have although we can discuss ideal equipment for your kitchen. Some recipes may require special equipment and cannot be prepared without the equipment. I must have received the questionnaire at least 48 hours prior to our phone meeting so please make sure to do #1 first!
  1. The class fee is required up-front to hold the date. It is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the class date minus a $50 cancellation fee or can be transferred to a future date for no fee. The cost of the groceries will be paid on the day of the class.
  1. On the date of your class, I will arrive 30 minutes prior to our class time to set-up, get organized, and become familiar with your kitchen. I will arrive with all groceries in hand. If you are adding the grocery store tour to your class, we will meet at your place or the store or farmer’s market, and begin your cooking class 30 minutes after we return to your home with groceries in hand.
  1. Although we will snack and sample everything as we are cooking, we won’t be sitting down to eat a full meal of what we cook. When the class is over, you will have a lot of food prepared that can be frozen and consumed later or used for meals over the next couple days. The purpose of the class is for you to learn many techniques so that you are comfortable on preparing and cooking food for you and your family based on health needs, not on preparing a specific menu for that moment of the class. If you would rather prepare 1 meal with several courses, to be consumed at the time, you might consider scheduling a private cooking party instead of the lessons.
  1. We will clean-up the kitchen together, after the class is over and the food is all packaged-up. You do not pay for the time required to set-up and clean-up.

Cost and Specifics:

  • $150/hour + cost of groceries
  • Good for 1 or 2 people
  • 3-hour minimum
  • Travel: Free if within Denver or Evergreen, otherwise mileage fees may apply. If outside of Colorado or Wyoming, a round-trip flight and one hotel room for two nights will be applied to the cost.

Bonuses included:

  • Informal plan for how to optimize the flow and organization of your kitchen to improve how much joy and ease you experience while cooking.
  • Pantry staples list to make healthy food preparation easier and fast.
  • Suggested kitchen equipment for your dietary needs that offers the “best bang for the buck,” while fitting into the flow and size of your kitchen.
  • Add a 1-hour health consultation prior to the cooking class to determine what foods would be best for your health for $100 per person (normally $250/pp). This is only available for yourself and anyone in your household.
  • Add a grocery store tour tailored to your dietary needs prior to our cooking class to learn how I shop for the healthiest ingredients and make purchase decisions for $20 per person. We will go to a natural food store, a conventional store, and/or a farmers’ market near your home, if available, so that you are familiar with how to shop healthy for your dietary needs at any market. This is available to you and any of your friends, family, and coworkers, but is only offered prior to the cooking class.

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