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Cycle of cravings

Are you driven to consume sugar, refined carbohydrate, salty snacks or caffeine, even when you are trying not to? The first step to changing your relationship to food is to understand that relationship. Succumbing to food cravings is rarely a matter of willpower.

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gluten free zombie

I remember the first time I attended a gluten free vendor fair. I was aghast! I felt as though I had stepped into a nightmare or a horror flick with hoards of zombies…pasty faced, walking stiff…uncomfortable… Thankfully, fixated not on eating my brains, but on eating as much of the gluten free processed food manufacturers’ samples as humanly possible. Half crazed, awaiting their next white sugar, starchy, processed food fix.

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There is a lot of conflicting research out there regarding cancer (does soy prevent or cause it), heart disease (prevent or cause) and brain damage (prevent or cause). There is plenty of research that goes both ways, but with enough research on the negative side that should give anyone pause. I’ll give a brief review of the literature here for those and make suggested alternatives:

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