"What would life be like for you if you knew exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how to prepare it for you to feel your absolute best?" 

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  • Friday, 25th June
  • 8:00am Los Angeles, California
  • 11:00am Toronto, Canada
  • 4:00pm London, United Kingdom

The Vitality Transformation Blueprint Program Kicks Off on February 15!

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Are you TIRED of Being Tired and 

FED-UP With Feeling Sluggish?

Do you think your diet is “healthy” but you wonder why your energy is low and you just don’t feel as great as you used to? Many people think they are eating “right”, but are missing out on key foods and eating too many of the WRONG ones.

Do you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: migraines, headaches, low energy, brain fog, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation or other digestive concerns? Lots of people are plagued by these issues and very OFTEN with some easy dietary changes you can kiss them goodbye forever. 

Do you wish you could have more energy? What would life be like for you if you oozed vitality?

If you answered “yes” to any of these…the Vitality Transformation Blueprint may be for you!

Would you like to know your dietary triggers? If you have an autoimmune disease, you need to know which foods upregulate your immune system and result in your body renewing it’s attack on itself. What if you knew how to eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet? What if you knew which foods were uniquely inflammatory to you? Would that change how you ate? Would that change your life? What if you could keep your disease in remission and prevent flare-ups simply from changing your diet and lifestyle? If you want that, then the Vitality Transformation Blueprint may be for you!

If you have been labeled with an amorphous medical label, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you benefit from knowing your dietary triggers. Doctors often indicate that diet doesn’t make a difference, even in cases of IBS and IBD, but that is pure absurdity. Get to the root of your label and create life-long health by understanding your body. Eliminate inflammation and change your health and your life forever. You can live a life without cramping, diarrhea, constipation and being afraid to not be near a bathroom at all times. You can regain the energy of your youth. You just have to understand what to eat, when to eat it and how to eat it. You just have to learn to listen to your body and understand what it is telling you. The Vitality Transformation Blueprint is for you.  Take control back of your health.

Vitality Transformation Blueprint Program

Finally, a virtual online natural health training program delivering a complete, step-by-step system to completely change your relationship to food, your body and to create life-long health!!!

If You Want To Change Your Weight, but Gain Energy…

If You Want to Feel Better About Yourself, Inside and Out…

If You Want Sexy Digestion That Makes You Proud…

…you could benefit from The Vitality Transformation Blueprint--the only step-by-step natural health program that will completely change your relationship to food, to your body and create life-long health!!!

The Vitality Transformation Blueprint Program gives you an entire year’s worth of natural health and eating for your body know-how handed to you in easy-to-implement lessons. You’ll learn proven strategies, tools and tactics so you move past the hurdles and overwhelm of creating vital health and accelerate your success.

Best of all, VTB was created for busy entrepreneurs and parents. The curriculum is designed to help you reach optimal health with minimal time.

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What Folks are Saying About Their Experience in the Vitality Transformation Blueprint Program:

[blockquote align="left"] The changes within my diet gave me more energy and stamina in the long run.... Thanks sooo much...for this life changing experience to better health!"[/blockquote]  "Katie takes the time to share her vast knowledge jim priceand expertise in creating healthy lifestyle changes not only as a group, but also meets ones individual needs and concerns. Throughout the program as we began to eliminate different food groups, we also were introduced to new foods and wonderful recipes as healthy alternatives, therefore I never felt as though I was being deprived of foods but having new choices instead. And they tasted sooo good! The changes within my diet gave me more energy and stamina in the long run.

We received encouragement throughout the program through calls or e-mails at seemingly just the right moments. We soon became united as a group, being able to share our stories and experiences easily amongst one another creating a very supportive group and creating friendships with a common goal of figuring out our own individual bodies puzzle. It was very exciting to finally start to understand what makes us tick, and to be able to get the help and information needed. Thanks sooo much to Katie and all the staff for this life changing experience to better health!"

---Jim Price

 [one_fourth] [picture_frame src="Mitra"][/picture_frame] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote cite="Mitra"]“ I Liked most learning about all the things I never understood before, losing weight and gaining energy. The webinars were very valuable and informative. My results: Tons. Weight loss, higher energy, mental alertness without caffeine, introduction to a whole world of nutritional sources I didn’t know about before – leads to healthier eating. You’re doing great work. We all need to know this subject much better!”[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]

 [one_fourth] Holly [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote cite="Holly"]“ Information was phenomenal! Nice to be able to share it. I feel confident to share. I have lost weight. I feel my body is much better on the inside. I feel in control of what I allow into my body. This is very empowering.”[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]

 [one_fourth] Alex [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote cite="Alex"]“I liked most going through the process with a group. Katie is exceptionally knowledgeable and a great resource. I liked the step-by-step process through eliminating food items. Loved the whole thing, including moving to the kitchen where you showed us options to replace what we were eliminating.”[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]

 [one_fourth] Rachael [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote cite="Rachael Moyte"]“I Liked most learning about foods I may be reacting negatively to. Cooking! I loved all the cool dishes we made and making new friends. I learned that my body does just fine without coffee. I also have seen a difference since I started eating the right amount of fat/protein together. Has made noticeable difference in my energy. Also more proactive in reading labels and researching what I put in my body. I have had my friends/family notice a difference in how I look and now ask me for advice on healthy eating. They look to me as an authority figure and that’s a huge compliment to me.”[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]

 [one_fourth] Sandy [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote cite="Sandy"]"I liked that everyone listened to, and acknowledged, each other’s input. I liked the ability, the challenge, to make my own decisions and choices. By stating our issues in front of the group, and acknowledging that we were/are working on something, we were held accountable. I have learned more about gluten and other intolerances. I am finally gaining weight back after having a dangerously low weight. I have become more aware of my bad habits. I think you are awesome! You have a wonderful ability to encourage participation in these major changes. You are kind, gentle, thoughtful, fair.”[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]

 [one_fourth] [picture_frame src="Lydia Gartland"][/picture_frame] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote cite="Lydia Gartland"]“…Your presentation, dedication, and background is most impressive.  The handouts go beyond anything I expected.  I feel I have learned a great deal and look forward to the handouts being a real valuable resource well into the future. Katie, you relate to people in such a positive manner: welcoming and friendly, caring and informative but never pushy or judgmental.  Your ability to demo cooking  and make it be fun is amazing.  I can't imagine how anything could be improved upon.   WELL DONE. Thank you.”[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]

 [one_fourth] Bob [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] [blockquote cite="Bob McCarroll"]"For each food Katie Bauer asked me to give up during the program, she provided real cooking training to learn to make healthy, delicious alternatives. For me, the program was simple and easy adjustments leading to a gentle detoxification/cleanse and the discovery of new foods. Katie created a supportive environment for learning new approaches to a more healthful life.”[/blockquote] [/three_fourth_last]


What You Get as a Vitality Transformation

Blueprint Member:

Cooking Videos Within Each of the 12 Modules Where You’ll Learn Healing Food Chef-Approved Secrets and Recipes that Your Body Will Crave, Your Mind Will Relish and will Make Your Friends Jealous!

What’s better than hearing about all the wonderful and energy enhancing benefits of certain foods and cooking techniques? Watching it! You will learn to make quick, easy, and delicious allergen-free, cleanse-friendly dishes that are easy on the gut right before your eyes. You’ll learn about special ingredients and behind the scenes secrets on how to prepare delicious, life-enhancing meals quickly and easily. You can follow along with the recipes in your toolkit and learn how to create your own recipes from our templates. The world of healthy, allergen-free eating is vastly abundant. Here is some of the deliciousness unveiled that will transform you from beginning to end of the VTB:

  • [list style=”list8″ color=”magenta”]
    • Dressings that turn “plain and simple” into sexy and soothing
    • Meals to go in 10 minutes or less
    • Smoothies, soups and teas – total nutrition in a glass
    • Low-glycemic desserts that keep your blood sugar balanced and your gut flora friendly
    • Fermented foods: Learn how to make gut flora friendly foods
    • Wraps: hearty meals in a jiffy
    • Yummy pasta dishes – without the grains!
    • Decadently delicious grain-free pizza that invigorates your palate
    • Chips and salsa that satisfy the cravings without the grains
    • And oh so much  more! [/list]
[framed_box width="90%" height="285" bgColor="#dae7c5" rounded="true" align="center"] What Folks are Saying About Katie's Cooking Classes:


Audio Recordings of All VTB Coaching Calls

AND if you can’t attend the monthly Coaching Call live, you can email in your questions to have them answered. AND all Monthly Coaching calls are recorded and audios become available within 24 hours for listening online or downloading to your iPod or other MP3 player.

No Excuses Accountability

We are not going to let you get lost or slip away in this program. We are going to hold your feet to the fire and make sure you reach your biggest goals, just as Katie does with her private clients. In any program, staying accountable to yourself is key. So each week, you’ll receive a digital Weekly VTB Accountability Report to complete and submit to our team. This weekly report will help keep you on track, moving you toward your goals on a regular basis and putting focus on breaking through any challenges you may be coming up against. You’ll also receive a Monthly VTB Accountability Report that will enable you to:

  • View your progress by tracking changes in how you feel across over 50 health markers.
  • Watch improvement in digestion, energy, sleep, cravings, concentration, and more.
  • Seeing your progress helps you stick with the program, and is key to making the changes that truly personalize the program for you.

Meal Plans and Recipes So You Can Eliminate Poisonous Foods and Consume Regenerative Ones

You will receive delicious and easy to create meal plans so that you don’t have to guess what to eat. What would it be like to know exactly what to eat, when to eat it, for exactly what your body needs, to create exactly the health and vitality you desire? Yes, you receive meal plans and recipes, but more importantly, you learn how to create your own recipes, from what foods make you feel your absolute best. You learn to plan your meals and your life to create abundant health and vitality!

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Once a month you’ll be LIVE on the phone with Katie herself for for a group Coaching Call, giving you the chance to directly ask her questions about your health, digestion, diet and blueprint strategy. This is your chance to receive valuable direction and get expert feedback at no extra charge! This is like having your own personal Holistic Nutritionist, Healing Foods Chef and Health Coach without the price. Every month you get an opportunity to pick Katie’s brain about your symptoms, your concerns, your health goals, your cooking questions, your test results and more.

12 Action Guides: 1 For Each Module Making Up Your Personalized Map to Vital Health

Each Module’s Action Guide provides doable, easy-to-follow action steps that will take you towards your goals without you going into overwhelm. You will be provided with all the templates, shopping lists, powerful ground-breaking solutions for success, research and my step-by-step formula that will take you by the hand through the entire Program.

Exclusive VTB Online Community Forum

If you’ve ever felt alone, different, or uncomfortable because of your health and eating choices our online forum may be the perfect fit for you! Because between calls you can utilize our Online Community Forum to get expert answers to your health, nutrition and cooking questions and to get community support and ideas!

[list style="list6" color="yellow"]

  • When processed foods, holidays, and temptations come a callin’ you’ll have an entire community to lean on for support.

  • Meet new friends and seek out potential buddies who can hold you accountable to your goals. 

  • Find people who can meet in your local area for extra support and the fun of sharing a healthy meal or potluck get-together.

  • You’ll have the unique perspective of countless community members, each with his or her own resources, recipes, and techniques to learn from and share.  


The bottom line is, when you belong to a community built on sharing success, you can’t help but be propelled forward!

Want to see your VTB Online Community in action? Here’s a sneak peek at the Online Forum…

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Private Vital Health Journey Client Case Study

Changing the Diet of 2 Young Kids Suffering From Autoimmune Diseases Eliminated Chronic Headaches, Eye Pain, Joint Pain, Stomach Pain and Sleep Issues!

[blockquote align="left"]Within 5 days on Katie's plan, my children were like new kids. My younger daughter's chronic stomach pain went away, along with her chronic headaches, eye pain and joint pain...and her eye sight had improved so significantly that she needed new lenses. "[/blockquote] It is not an exaggeration to say that Katie Bauer has changed our lives. Our children were both diagnosed earlier this year with an autoimmune disease, which causes them to progressively become allergic or intolerant to more and more foods. When we met Katie 6 months ago, my younger daughter wasn't sleeping or staying in school because she was in constant pain. My older daughter had lost 10% of her body weight in the previous month because she had no appetite. Our doctor is wonderful, but his suggestion to put our kids on elemental formula or long-term steroids was not what we were comfortable with. And then we found Katie Bauer. Katie immediately had my children tested for food intolerances, and put them on a radically different eating plan. Within 5 days on Katie's plan, my children were like new kids. My younger daughter's chronic stomach pain went away, along with her chronic headaches, eye pain and joint pain. Perhaps more surprisingly, a few months after we started working with Katie, my daughter had an appointment with her eye doctor, and her eye sight had improved so significantly that she needed new lenses. My older daughter regained her appetite and all of the weight she had lost. We have followed Katie Bauer's suggestions religiously, and she has been with us every step of the way-- she is responsive, extensively knowledgeable, and most importantly, so passionate about what she does. Truthfully, I'm not sure exactly how it all works, but it really does, and I'm am eternally grateful to Katie for everything she does for us.... -- Julia Collins, parent [/framed_box]

The VTB Covers these Topics in Step-by-Step Detail:

[list style="list3" color="red"]
  • Support to stick with your nourishment plan even when social and family pressures threaten your success 
  • Deepening of your stress transformation skills since stress is one of the biggest causes of digestive upset.
  • Fear and limiting belief busters to help you break through the inner blocks that hold you back from success in reaching your health goals
  • Guidance towards a personalized system for diet, exercise, sleep, and personal growth that fits your lifestyle!
  • Individualizing an Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle through a cleanse process that will teach you to understand how your body communicates it's needs with you.
  • Loving your body and uncovering the innate wisdom you hold to heal your body, restore your energy and embody abundant life.
  • What foods and ingredients MUST be eliminated and what MUST be included for a safe and effective cleanse. Note this is not a diet! This is a lifestyle change. You could choose to eat this way for the rest of your life because it is safe and healthy! This will change how you think about food and how you know your body forever!
  • What detoxification symptoms to expect and how to deal with them. We aren’t going to leave you hanging. You will know what to expect, when to expect it and how to understand these signs and symptoms your body tell you for the rest of your life.
  • How to do a SAFE cleanse based on YOUR OWN individual needs and health, whether that is following the system I have set up for you or whether that is creating your own program. This is an individualized program. No one sized fits all ridiculousness.
  • My patented step-by-step system for doing a safe and effective anti-inflammatory cleanse that you can replicate year after year to reboot your health and jump start your vitality. The lessons you learn in this program will last you a lifetime.
  • How to know whether you have an intolerance to a food or food family and whether you need to avoid it forever, can eat it occasionally or can keep on keepin’ on with your consumption of it. Remember, we are creating a new lifestyle,  not a new diet. Yes, this is a cleanse, but it is a cleanse to promote a new lifestyle and a new relationship to your body–forever!

As a result of following The Vitality Transformation Blueprint, expect to experience these results:

[list style="list6" color="pink"]
  • GLOWING skin, that surprises you in the morning mirror!
  • Sky high energy, so your late day work meetings are actually productive!
  • Relief from chronic symptoms that leave you free to enjoy your day and your family.
  • Weight loss that leaves you looking good in those skinny jeans or all those layers of clothes on the ski hill! [/list]
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Private Vital Health Journey Client Case Study

Elissa Lost 15# in 2 Months and Got Off Her Insulin in Just 2 Weeks of Changing Just Her Diet!!!

[blockquote align="left"] it’s actually CHEAPER to eat healthier! …The first thing I noticed was how much better I slept at night.... Within one week…I lost five pounds without even trying. …My stomach troubles have mostly subsided, and I find that I feel fuller sooner and for a longer period of time when I eat.  After only two weeks…the endocrinologist removed me from all insulin (bolus and long-acting)! ...It has now been about two months…and I have lost nearly 15 pounds...I really believe this diet has brought me and my husband closer together.... It took me going on this diet and making this change to realize I’m worth it; my health is worth it and I’m not going to rely on medication to make me feel better when I have the power to do that myself."[/blockquote] "Since starting insulin earlier in 2011, I gained back the nearly 30 pounds I had lost when my diabetes was raging out of control.  I was utterly miserable every time I opened my dresser drawer... My clothes were getting very tight and at a size 10, I refused to go up another size.  I was having to inject myself five times a day and test my sugar eight times a day – that’s a LOT of poking! ...I was concerned about how much more money it would cost us to eat this way.  Comparing the cost of junk food to healthy food – it’s actually CHEAPER to eat healthier!  I was also concerned that I wouldn’t have enough variety - I get bored with food pretty easily – sometimes it’s still a struggle, but I am constantly testing new recipes and making new creations, so it’s hard to get bored quickly.  I was also worried about being hungry and not getting enough to eat.  Some days I literally have to force myself to eat; my previous meal fills me up for so long that I’m not even hungry for the next meal.  I found myself needing to eat less and less…. …The first thing I noticed was how much better I slept at night.  I don’t wake up nearly as often, and I am able to get elissa flaumenhaft to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer.  Within one week…I lost five pounds without even trying. …My stomach troubles have mostly subsided, and I find that I feel fuller sooner and for a longer period of time when I eat.  After only two weeks…the endocrinologist removed me from all insulin (bolus and long-acting)!   Not having to inject myself five times a day was an incredible motivator.  When I strictly adhere to my diet, my blood sugar is remarkably normal.  My most recent HbA1c was a 6.7; this was down from 7.4 after just one month…. It’s not always easy to resist temptation, and I have learned that sometimes that’s ok.  I am reminded that when I do choose to indulge, not to punish myself, and to enjoy my treat.  I also make sure that I go right back on my diet afterward! …It has now been about two months…and I have lost nearly 15 pounds.  I don’t exercise nearly as often as I should, but I am still losing weight because I am not putting junk into my body and my blood sugar is under control.   Last week I had a great surprise: while getting dressed in the morning, I accidentally grabbed the wrong sized pair of jeans.  I didn’t notice until I put them on.  They felt different; not bad different, just different, different.  At first I thought I had gained weight and began to panic.  Then I looked at the tag and noticed they were a size 8 instead of my normal size 10! More than the health and weight loss benefits, I really believe this diet has brought me and my husband closer together.  We love to cook and bake and have had a lot of fun tweaking recipes and creating new dishes to suit our dietary needs.  To complicate matters, we keep a kosher home.  This limits our choices somewhat and makes me truly believe that if we can lead this lifestyle, anybody can.  I have learned what restaurants have the best options for us, and have learned how to order meals in those restaurants that are less accommodating to people with dietary restrictions.  Where there is a will, there is a way…. When I set out…I wanted to lose weight (check in the box) and get off of my insulin (check in the box).  I didn’t realize all of the ancillary benefits I would get from it, and I certainly didn’t expect to be this successful so quickly… It breaks my heart to know that people blindly follow the advice of their doctors and diabetes educators.  Do some research; know that there are alternatives out there to gorging on carbohydrates and then shooting yourself up with insulin.  Everyone acknowledges how hard it is for diabetics to lose weight, but that’s because we put all this nasty stuff in our bodies and then expect the medicine to do the work for us.  If there was a magic pill we could all take to be skinny and healthy, we’d all be skinny and healthy.  The fact is anything worth having is worth working for.  It took me going on this diet and making this change to realize I’m worth it; my health is worth it and I’m not going to rely on medication to make me feel better when I have the power to do that myself." --Elissa Flaumenhaft[/framed_box]

The Vitality Transformation Blueprint Cleanse is DIFFERENT–

To Give You DIFFERENT Results! 

This program is different because it is geared to YOU, YOUR body, and YOUR needs. This program works for everyone, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist or omnivore; whether you are hypoglycemic or diabetic; whether you have a debilitating disease or debilitating pain; whether you are toxic; regardless of your age. Why? Because it isn’t a one-size fits all program. Instead you are provided with the tools to figure out what your body needs that will create life changing results for you without being dangerous for your health. You are not expected to do anything you don’t want to or aren’t ready to do. You are supported for the health goals you are trying to achieve. You learn to evaluate yourself based on your own goals and your own needs—not someone else’s.

Yep, different, huh?

We’ve put in the time, done the research. Katie has practiced on herself and implemented the program over and over again with private clients and guess what… it works. Follow the system…that individualizes the program to YOUR needs. Expect transformation WITHOUT deprivation.

This Isn’t One of Those “One Size Fits All” Programs

I’ll let you in on a little known secret… There is no such thing as “one size fits all!” We are all different and thank goodness that we are! We all have different needs, different bodies, different life experiences, different health histories, different health conditions, different support networks, different goals and different metabolic systems. WE ARE DIFFERENT! And therefore, our bodies will only give us the results we crave if we tune in to what each of us, uniquely, needs.  

You may have done a cleanse or detox before that left you feeling worse, not better and didn’t create a change in life-long cravings or habits. It was a diet and not a lifestyle change. It left you where you are now, possibly in a state of confusion, fear and concern over what to do next.Most detox and cleanse programs are “one size fits all” and that means that they work for movie stars and those people with a whole health team to back them up and support them through what can be a damaging and dangerous process. These programs don’t work for most of us.

You may have done a bootcamp before and while it felt good during the camp, you lost the momentum afterwards, because it was a “vacation” from your previous body and habits, not a lifestyle change. The VTB is opposed to diets and opposed to reckless short-term fixes. The only thing that works is to change your relationship to food and to your body to create a change in patterns and to change your life forever.

If you’ve been around the dieting, cleanse or detox “block,” you’ve probably tried a lot of different diets, strategies, techniques…only to get temporary results, no results or worse yet — to feel even worse than when you started!

And there are so many “experts” out there who tell you — even with an authoritative voice — that THEIR way is the best way.

And it’s true, their way might be right, but only for SOME people… But usually ONLY for people whose bodies, health, histories and environments are exactly the same as theirs!

There are some good programs out there that are informed by amazing health practitioners, but too often they expect you to make drastic dietary changes all at once. This will work for some people, but for others doing drastic changes all at once for 30 days is too overwhelming and too dogmatic. Most people will better respond to slow changes, one at a time, step-by-step while they learn to listen to their body and understand which steps benefit themselves and which ones don’t. We are all different and making drastic changes, all at once precludes learning from your body and precludes understanding how your body reacts to different changes. Everyone’s bodies react differently. Everyone’s body is different. There is no one-size-fits all diet. There is only the diet that fits for you and you have to figure out what that is. The Vitality Transformation Blueprint puts you in the driver seat to learn your body and it’s needs.

How Does It Work,

This Individualized Program?

Each of the twelve modules includes step-by-step procedures that can be modified based on your health goals and your current health status. And you get to figure out how long you want to spend on each module. Some people will do one or more modules a week, finishing the program in two months or less. Others will spend one month per module, finishing the program and creating lifelong health for themselves after one year. Most folks will be finish sometime in between those. And any way you choose to do it is okay, because you have to make the program work best for you and only you can create your own blueprint because that’s the only way you will create lifelong health and a change in lifestyle not just a diet. We give you the tools and the support to empower you on your journey to vital health, but it’s YOUR journey. And you get access to us and all of the materials for a full year and then you can continue the journey on your own, taking with you the tools you learned.

This is the best of both worlds. You get the support of doing a group program while you get the individualized benefit that usually only comes from working one-on-one with Katie.

Meet Your Vitality Transformation Blueprint Coaches!

Meet Katie Bauer, Vitality Transformation Blueprint Founder and Lead Coach of the Program

I empower people that are tired of being tired and fed up with feeling sluggish to unclog their vitality and bring their body to life. My experience of growing up beyond fatigued because of sleep disruption as a result of my digestive health is what gives me my desire to help others achieve sexy digestion so they can have a sexy life! There is so much more to digestion than our gastrointestinal system. Our digestion determines our ability to get nutrients out of our food; our ability to create neurotransmitters that fuel our brain and our emotional and mental health; our ability to properly utilize proteins, fats and carbs so that we have stable blood sugar; and our ability to create hormones in our body that influence our sex life, our energy levels and our ability to respond to stress. When our digestion is disturbed, every process in our body is disturbed. And when our digestion is disturbed it’s based around inflammation in our digestive system that results in inflammation in our brain, our joints and our life. For me, as you see in the video on the right, the inflammation and digestive distress did not give me diarrhea or constipation, but it affected my nervous system and my brain.

I made all sorts of health changes in my life that did not improve my energy, did not improve my nervous system and did not heal my brain. I chased the golden goose thinking that I just needed to detoxify my liver, find the right supplement, eat the right food or just needed the right pill or cure. But that’s the thing. Everything in our body is connected and when I finally unlocked my perfect digestive blueprint, I completely changed the way my body reacted to stress and foods. I could completely change the way I understood my body to recognize ITS perfect fuel because everyone’s digestive and health blueprint is DIFFERENT. What works for me will not work for you and what works for your neighbor won’t help your sister. But you know what will? Understanding your body. Mapping out your blueprint. “I had given up on achieving vital health. I didn’t think what was wrong with me was fixable. I was wrong.”

Katie Bauer harvesting eggplant at cooking class

Our bodies have an innate wisdom to heal themselves; we just have to learn how to listen. Our health can always improve. We can always feel better. I’m constantly learning my body and every new insight takes my health, my vitality, my energy and my bliss to a whole other level. And I want that for you too. I want that for everyone. I want you to GET your body and to GIVE it what it truly needs—different than your cravings—it’s deeper and if you don’t have the health, energy and vitality you desire than a piece of your health blueprint is missing, just like mine was. It took me a long time to understand how to create my own Vitality Transformation Blueprint, to understand how to listen to my body and I don’t want anyone else to have to wait around, losing hope and assuming that fatigue, listlessness, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, low motivation, sadness or their anxiety is as good as it’s gonna get, because your health isn’t good enough until you are perfectly happy with your health, your energy, your happiness, your motivation and your vitality.

You see, I had read a lot. I also had completed clinical herbalism school, healing foods culinary school and holistic nutrition school. Hot damn I was book smart and really understood health, but the missing piece of my blueprint was that I didn’t understand my body. I understood bodies in general, but I didn’t understand mine. It was only when I started listening to my body and not to the “experts” that I uncovered my Vitality Transformation Blueprint. It was only then that I could live the life I desired.

Now I jump out of bed full of energy and zeal for my day. I think clearly throughout the day and my energy doesn’t wane. I don’t crave sugars or caffeine, but instead crave healthy fuel and know what that fuel is for my body. I sleep soundly through the night with no problem falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up in the morning. I have complete control over my weight and my muscle mass. I love my body and relish in its strength and its wisdom. I have three bowel movements of ideal consistency and color each day that don’t smell bad (okay, they don’t smell like roses either, but they don’t smell like something crawled up my anus and died either). I don’t have gas. I don’t have bloating. I sweat but I don’t stink. My body is a well-oiled machine of vital health, but it wasn’t always like that, which is why I am so successful in helping others uncover their own Vitality Transformation Blueprint. Been there done that. And I so want this for YOU too! Everyone should have this!

Meet Victoria Bresee

Meet Erin Cahoon

Erin Cahoon is currently studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her passion for nutrition took root several years ago when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After experiencing a prolonged and challenging flare-up involving chronic pain, embarrassing symptoms, and exhaustion, she was simply sick of being sick. Erin began to make various improvements to her lifestyle: she purified her diet, better managed stress, saw an acupuncturist regularly, and did gentle and regular exercise. Less than a year later, not only was Erin’s Crohn’s Disease under control, but her other chronic illnesses (asthma and allergies) began to improve as well. By continuing these endeavors, Erin was surprised to discover that she had more energy than ever before. Within the next two years, she hiked a fourteener and starting running 5Ks, activities she never dreamed of doing as an asthmatic or sickly Crohn’s patient. After this transformative experience, Erin is now devoting her life to supporting, inspiring, and guiding others to make dietary and lifestyle adjustments that can further them on their health journeys. She believes that everyone has the power to improve their lives and their health. She loves the nourishing, empowering, and integrative environment that Nourished Health offers its many clients, and is thrilled to be a part of the action as an intern.

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BONUS: Gluten Free Quick Start Multimedia Guide! (Value $100)

Going gluten free may be part of your cleanse and if it is and if it becomes necessary for you to stay gluten free after your cleanse (which you will know through our step by step assessments) than this will be your savior. Or perhaps you already know that you need to go gluten free and if you do this bonus program, we've been told is worth more than the cost of doing the entire VTB Program! This bonus program is focused on supporting you to avoid cross-contamination with gluten and be safely gluten free.Go ahead... it's gluten free In this bonus containing videos, audios, webinars and special reports you will:[list style="list4" color="blue"]
  • Learn how to know whether gluten is at the root of your own mental and emotional health concerns—what symptoms to look for and what tests to run. There is research implicating gluten for many neurological conditions and you will understand exactly how gluten relates to our mental and emotional health.
  • Receive amazing gluten free recipes, templates for creating your own gluten free recipes and cooking videos so that you can replicate amazing gluten free meals in your own home.
  • Receive a video shopping tour so that you can, from the comfort of your home or office, learn how to read labels, what ingredients to avoid, what different certification programs are available and how to avoid cross-contamination of gluten when shopping.
  • Learn how to eat out gluten free safely. After watching this video, you will know what questions to ask and what things not to do when you are trying to eat out safely!
  • Learn how to travel gluten free, safely and easily to accommodate your health needs while enjoying yourself.
  • Learn how to avoid the typical nutrient deficiencies that plagues the gluten free by eating the right foods, avoiding the wrong ones and supplementing when necessary.
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Sometimes the best way to know what to do with your health is to have test results to give you a baseline and a measure to track your success. Being educated about your test results will forever change the way you interact with your health care providers and put you in charge of your own health. Having access to order tests for yourself means you don't have to rely on your doctor ordering a test and having to try to talk her into it. It also means that at practitioner pricing, if you don't have insurance, you pay as much as most folks do that have insurance but have to pay a copay!

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Join your Vitality Transformation Blueprint coaches, guest speakers and community at this private event happening in 2014 in Denver Colorado! This is an exclusive event hosted by your VTB Coaches, where you’ll get to be inspired to take your health to the next level!

NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL! Purchase Before Feb 1 and Pay ONLY $397 for a Full Year of Access! After Feb 1, Price Increases to $497. This Program Comes With a 1 Year Guarantee! You have nothing to lose!

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