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A Deliciously Healthy Halloween Fight Childhood Obesity... Eat all the Halloween candy!

Tue Oct 28, 6:30-8pm

Cherry Creek Whole Foods, 2375 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO

Have you been trying to eat healthier, decrease your sugar intake and be energized naturally? Are you a little concerned about making it through Halloween with enjoyment but without destroying your blood sugar and plummeting you back into sugar cravings? Or perhaps you are wondering how your kids can enjoy Halloween, still fit in with their friends, but in a healthy way that won’t send their immune system crying, their teeth rotting or their energy crashing? Or perhaps you already know that you are going full sugar ahead, but want to know how to deal with your post-Halloween sugar-hangover. Or maybe you’ve chosen this sugar-filled time of year as the time to break your sugar addiction! Whatever your reason is for wanting to celebrate a Healthy Halloween, we will help you and your family get there, enjoy Halloween, still relish in some healthier sweet alternatives and not have it wreck your health for the remainder of the year. Halloween deprivation will drive you mad and result in a Thanksgiving that is over-indulged in unhealthiness. So take this opportunity to make a plan for Halloween to support you, your family and the neighborhood “trick or treaters” to have a Deliciously Healthy Halloween!

Presentation offered by Katie Bauer, Holistic Nutritionist, Therapeutic Chef, Anti-Inflammatory Activist and Founding Director of Nourished Health Center (NHWCenter.org). All attendees receive a $5 Whole Foods gift card. RSVP required. To RSVP, send an email request to info (at) nhwcenter (dot) org with names and numbers of attendees.