black lives matter

I stand in solidarity with BIPOC & allies in denouncing police brutality, racialized violence and systemic oppression in all forms.
I may not always know the best actions to take, but I WILL take action and I will admit when I am wrong and learn from my mistakes.

Kathleen Bauer
Nourished Health

Nourishing body wisdom in sensitives & empaths to heal inflammation, pain, digestive issues, anxiety & fatigue to show up powerfully & authentically

"What if your health issue is actually an opportunity to emerge more resilient, in joy, in love with life, and more confident than ever?"

~ Kathleen Bauer~

why are you here?

My private practice for over a decade was focused on autoimmune conditions, digestive health and the gut-brain axis, with very left-brain pursuits of tracking food consumption, creating meal plans, and measuring and evaluating blood, stool, saliva, and urine tests. Oh and cooking classes, of course. I was a steadfast believer that the key to all health is based on what we choose to eat and that this health can be measured and tracked by lab tests. There was so much I was wrong about.


Yes, digestive health is essential and I still focus on how we choose to nourish ourselves, but see now that nourishment extends far beyond food, just as our health extends far beyond our body. That there is more to the gut-brain axis than vagus nerve operation and inflammation. That there is more to health than lab test results. There are so many lessons to be learned from dis-ease, from imbalances, from our cravings, from our twisting paths, from what we avoid and what we gravitate toward, from the choices we make and the effects they have on us, and from our stuck emotions and beliefs.
  • What have you learned on your path? Why are you here? What is your soul telling you?

  • What is your body crying out to teach you? Your bowel movements screaming at you? What is your digestive health reflecting from the rest of your life?

  • What is the purpose of your feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, in joy, at peace, carefree, and/or uncertain? What is the lesson? Are you learning or avoiding it?

  • What does changing your health without changing the conditions mean for the path that you are on?

  • What is your purpose? How are you living your passion? Where are your lessons and have you learned them?

  • Do you use food to avoid your purpose? Is your inflammation a lesson, part of your path, or a distraction?

  • What are you avoiding by avoiding food or a specific macronutrient? What hole are you trying to fill by over-eating? What are you really afraid of that food is a stand-in for?

What are you doing about answering these questions – where are you focusing your energy? If you are stuck in dis-ease, in inflammation, in digestive distress, in anxiety or depression, are you continuing to seek out the same solutions and getting the same results?

Please note that I am currently on a sabbatical from working one-on-one with clients. Please feel free to reach out if you desire a referral to another practitioner or simply to say “Hi”! 

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DIVE IN! Food for the soul!

Pain as invitation to understanding

Body Wisdom: Pain as an Invitation to Self

Day 4 of menstruating: I shouldn’t be having cramps… But there it was, all “shoulds” aside. It can be alarming when we get unexpected pain. It can feel most comfortable to run away from it rather than to turn toward it and to find understanding with it.

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Dating Myself

Dating Myself to Heal Inflammation and Histamine Overload

This article isn’t about the stress of relationships with others, but about changing simple acts of relationship to self that can have drastic impacts on histamine levels. It is a call to date ourselves and change the way we eat and hold space for ourselves and our bodies as a way to calm inflammation and reduce our histamine loads. Will you heed the call?

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Stress response in the body

Navigating the Relationship of Stress to Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Disorders

Sufferers of histamine intolerance and of mast cell-associated disorders need to be especially skilled at managing stress responses in their bodies. This is especially true of sensitives and empaths who aren’t just managing their own stress, but the stresses of those around them too. Although it is not possible to remove all stress from our lives, what is possible is to calm the reaction our nervous systems have to stress.

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Digestion and stress

Healing the Stress Effects on Digestion

You did the lab detective work, nourish yourself through an anti-inflammatory diet, restored your gut integrity, healed your dysbiosis, and yet still struggle with digestive distress or pain. What’s left? What is especially useful for those of us experiencing digestive disorders or chronic pain to understand is that we may have a heightened stress response that is fueling our symptoms.

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Chocolate chip cookies

Satiating Comfort Food Cravings with My Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Cookies!!! YES! More specifically, chocolate chip cookies. Even more specifically, no-sugar, immune supportive, decadent balls of delicious healthy fatty goodness. Use this chocolate chip cookie dough for baked cookies (with a Mexican Wedding Cookie-type consistency), for home-made ice cream, or for just plain ol’ eatin’ of the raw dough deliciousness.

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Black Lives Matter

Nourished Health Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Action Plan: Behavioral Health and Mental Health Coaching

I am saddened and disgusted by the ongoing police brutality and the rising death toll of the Black community as the result of racism, racist policing, and racist policies of the US. This article shares my commitment to end my part in supporting institutionalized racism of the mental health field and what actions I am committed to taking as an anti-racist provider and company.

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