FAQ: Do You Take Insurance?

The more appropriate question is “Does my medical insurance policy cover nutrition therapy?” Some of our clients get their insurance to pay for at least part of their care with Nourished Health. Clients are more likely to receive partial or full coverage if the services have been requested by their doctor.

Nourished Health Center is not bound by any contracts to any insurance companies. As a result we are directly responsible, both morally and financially, to you, the client. Our incentive is to make you as happy and healthy as possible.

How We Work With Insurance:

  1. You pay Nourished Health by cash, check, debit or credit card.
  2. You submit to your insurance company the paperwork we provide.
  3. Your insurance company pays you back in accordance with your policy.

Clients at Nourished Health pay up front, in full for their visit or phone consultation, any testing and any nutritional supplements/herbs. If you purchase a package of nutrition therapy visits/phone consults, you will pay for the entire package up front in full or through a payment plan. You can pay with cash, check or with a debit or credit card. If your insurance company or health savings plan has issued you a Visa® or Mastercard® payment card, you can use that. Along with your personal billing summary and receipt you will receive a duplicate billing summary, an explanation of the codes on it, and a cover letter to your insurance company. You simply sign the letter and mail the letter, the billing summary, and code explanation sheet to your insurance company’s claims address (on the back of your insurance card). Ideally your insurance company will then send you a check reimbursing you for your expenses or the portion of your expenses covered by your insurance policy. If they are quick, your insurance check may even arrive before your credit card bill.

Other Reimbursement Options:

A: It is becoming more common for employers to offer Health Savings Account (HSA) and/or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefits to employees. These programs can enable you to get reimbursed for your medical expenses. Your employer, human resources department, HSA administrator, or FSA administrator can provide more information about payment and reimbursement.

Why It’s Better to Choose A Provider That Does Not Accept Insurance (You Bill Your Insurance Instead of Your Provider Billing Your Insurance):

The insurance companies evaluate various diagnoses, determine what they consider to be reasonable to address each specific diagnosis, and establish a “standard of care”. In some cases this includes a standard prescription for a specific pharmaceutical. Rather than being rewarded for successfully supporting and caring for clients, the incentive (financial) for providers working with insurance companies is to provide the “standard of care” that the insurance company allows for a client’s stated condition. Unfortunately, this kind of care often falls significantly short. In this model, the practitioner is working for the insurance company, instead of the client.

Nourished Health rarely agrees with the “standard of care.” Instead, we develop a thorough, successful, individualized strategy that is only possible when free from the “one-size fits all” restrictions imposed by insurance companies. Each client’s history, symptoms and blood work are taken into account. Specific lab tests, supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes are then suggested based on the client’s individual situation. We answer to no one but you! And this is what allows us to be so successful.