Remove Inflammatory Foods

Digestive Health Video Training Series: An Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle 

 Video 1: Extinguish the Fire! Removing Inflammatory Foods from Your Diet

In this video, in addition to foods that are inflammatory for everyone, we discussed those foods that are trigger foods for you individually that you may have a food intolerance to. Do you know your trigger foods? I’d love to hear them, please comment below and feel free to post any questions or comments on the video you have. 

Now that you know what to avoid… Whatever shall you eat? That’s the topic of Video 2: Research-Proven Foods that Will Squelch Your Fire and Soothe You. Make sure to watch for it in your inbox next week and check your junk mail if it doesn’t come!  

Did you come to this page all by yourself, with no help from your email? Well then… You sure as heck might want to sign-up for the rest of the 4 part Video Training Series, especially since I share extra tips with my training series participants!  It’s FREE!!! 


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