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My private practice for over a decade was focused on digestive health and the gut-brain axis, with very left-brain pursuits of tracking food consumption, creating meal plans, and measuring and evaluating blood, stool, saliva, and urine tests. Oh and cooking classes, of course. I was a steadfast believer that the key to all health is based on what we choose to eat and that this health can be measured and tracked by lab tests. I was wrong. I apologize for how many I have lead on this path, instead of supporting you to to create and follow your own.


A new urine test is on the market that could help with tracking gluten free diet adherence and whether your patients and clients are unknowingly getting gluten cross-contamination.

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Effects of Osteoporosis

If so many of us with celiac disease also have low bone mineral density, is the reverse true and do a large percentage of those diagnosed with osteoporosis have celiac disease and therefore is testing of ALL osteoporotic patients for celiac disease warranted? What does the research say…

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