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Okay, you’ve got the whole holiday cooking gluten cross-contamination thing figured out and you are ready to figure out what to bring to a party to stay safely gluten-free and still have fun. Here is a quick list of how to easily make the traditional holiday foods be gluten free, along with suggestions for making these items healthier and even grain-free.

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Holiday party

Whether you are gluten free and throwing a party and wanting to keep yourself safe or whether you are happily gluten TOLERANT and throwing a party with gluten free guests… You best do it right. Yep, it will take a little planning, but no more planning than determining the winners of the Ugly Sweater Contest.

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Safe holiday party

Whether you are gluten intolerant and attending parties or whether you are hosting a party with gluten free guests, you need to understand how to avoid gluten cross-contamination.

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