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We can all improve our health. We can all have more energy, better sleep, more vitality and stronger bodies but we have to CHOOSE that. We have to get past the metabolic causes of our poor food cravings and then have the initiative and the hope to care about our bodies. You can’t fully create the change you want to in the world and be there for your family and friends, if you don’t take care of your own health first.

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We fall in love with what we do and we fall hard and completely. We develop a relationship with our passion that is so intense and so deep that nothing else matters. She is everything. There is nothing else. When we are with her, we don’t need to eat, we don’t need to sleep and we don’t need to breathe because nothing else matters. And then, even if we don’t lose our passion, but we lose our ability to put our passion into action, it all catches up to us…

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Healthy eating

The holiday season provides more than enough time to turn our bad eating habits into a full-blown bad lifestyle change—habit with momentum! That is why I suggest shifting the momentum and changing your habits quickly, for the first month while you are invested in the intentions of New Year’s resolutions to change the tide of unhealthy eating habits you set during the holidays.

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