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We can all improve our health. We can all have more energy, better sleep, more vitality and stronger bodies but we have to CHOOSE that. We have to get past the metabolic causes of our poor food cravings and then have the initiative and the hope to care about our bodies. You can’t fully create the change you want to in the world and be there for your family and friends, if you don’t take care of your own health first.

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February is a month all about heart health—emotional (e.g. Valentine’s Day) as well as physical (Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Month), but what is often overlooked is how passion or love for something (as opposed to someone) unrealized can so deeply affect our heart organ, our overall health and can even affect our ability to love again.

My first true heart break came over ten years ago when the community center I had helped create and which I felt as though I had poured every last tear, drop of blood and sweat into was shut down by a city that was scared of the community coming together to empower themselves and learn how to be self-sufficient.  That community center had given me the occasional glimpse for what a world without greed based on community health could look like. Though only a glimpse, it had lit my heart on fire and given me hope.

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Healthy eating

January is the month of New Year’s resolutions. How many of us start the new year with great intentions to lose some extra weight, improve our eating habits or better our health yet don’t follow through and are making the same resolutions the very next year? Why is it so difficult to follow-through with health-related New Year’s resolutions?

Simply put, the holiday season provides more than enough time to turn our bad eating habits into a full-blown bad lifestyle change—habit with momentum! That is why I suggest shifting the momentum and changing your habits quickly, for the first month while you are invested in the intentions of New Year’s resolutions to change the tide of unhealthy eating habits you set during the holidays.

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