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We are a bread centered country. For breakfast we eat toast, for lunch we eat sandwiches and with dinner we have dinner rolls, pizza or French bread. It’s ridiculous how dependent on bread we are! So when needing to go gluten free, what are you to do? Add to that the complications of needing to be dairy free and egg free and things get really gnarly! What is worse is all of the other food sensitivities to different grains that are popping up, which makes buying commercial gluten free bread downright impossible and usually, frustratingly non-tasty!

With all of the food allergies and sensitivities that abound, making a purely allergen free bread is nearly impossible. For all the people that have a sensitivity to rice, an equal number can’t do quinoa or buckwheat or coconut (heaven forbid). This makes personal experimentation key. And yes… kitchen disasters inevitable, but who cares? So, what you make isn’t perfect or the desired holy grail of bready slicing goodness. Make tweaks, make changes and try again… and again… and again. Learn to relish experimentation, learn to seek out the right texture, learn to anticipate the changes in humidity and how that will affect your bread’s rising. Every mistake is a learning opportunity–in life and in bread making.

This bread was my favorite for a time–gluten free, vegan and tasty. I’m on to new experiments, but I share this one as a starting point for you to create your own allergen-free masterpiece. I dedicate this bread to Joanne Thompson, owner of Yoga For Self in Denver, who is starting her own gluten free bread odyssey.

May your yeast rise, your flours bind and your digestion be calm, strong and a beacon of energy and life force… Cheers!

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strawberry ice cream

I need a little somethin, somethin that makes me feel like it’s almost summer in Denver. Nothing does that quite as well as ice cream. Luckily I have a secret…. A secret that every dairy free, egg free, gluten free, sugar-free food lover should know…. A secret that will make satiating your ice cream needs a snap.

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Gluten free doesn’t mean goodness free. One of the most frustrating things about starting a gluten free diet is discovering what to eat. GF cooking requires a relearning of how to cook baked goods, breads, and desserts. At any age, this can be a daunting task, but also a fun one for those adventurous at heart! There are more gluten free flours than those containing gluten. Having so many options opens up a wide variety of textures, tastes, and colors that will add contrast and unique pizzazz not available when sticking with the drab glutinous regulars of wheat, spelt, and rye. Check out the wide variety of gluten free flours available for your consumptive adventurousness and start experimenting with making your own gluten free goodness!

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