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Do you consume a diet high in zinc or supplement with zinc? If you have celiac disease you must know if you are deficient… and you probably are. Why it is essential for celiacs to quickly overcome zinc deficiency, how to know if you are deficient, and how to boost your zinc levels.

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Kicking sugar

This tip will work for you if you have imbalanced blood sugar. So, if you get 3pm cravings every day for sugary foods, bready foods and caffeine and you are in a slump—this tip is for you. If you get shaky if you skip meals or get “bitchy” when you haven’t eaten—this tip is for you too! Watch the video!

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Cycle of cravings

Are you driven to consume sugar, refined carbohydrate, salty snack foods or caffeine, even when you are trying not to?

The first step to changing your relationship to food is to understand that relationship. Uncontrollable food cravings can make changing to a healthier lifestyle daunting and depressing. Social stigmatization can make it overwhelming and feel futile. Some friends, family, lovers, coaches and practitioners may even make you feel like there is something wrong with you because you can’t control your urges for certain foods; however, succumbing to food cravings is rarely a matter of willpower.

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