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winter vitamin d

Here in Colorado it is time to rejoice!!! It’s March and while March is our most snowy month, it is also when the sun finally rises high enough in the sky again for us to synthesize vitamin D into our skin. WooHoo!!! Exalt, as our “vitamin D” depleted winter that is generally from November through February has concluded.

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Mmm.. Avocado!

I can’t count the number of times someone has come to a cooking class and become appalled that a nutrition therapist, who advertises the class as healthy, eagerly promotes high fat foods. They, like so many, equate consuming fats with becoming fat.

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lemon water

If you breathe, eat, drink water or use electronics in this modern world, than you need to detoxify. We are exposed to harmful chemicals every day, even if you’re careful with the products you use. But how do we detox in a safe way?

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