The Nourished Health Process

The Nourished Health Process: True Health

Health is more than an expression of wholeness. True healing comes from The 6 Levels of Health becoming current and in harmony with each other and your life now. Traumas from events we’ve experienced in our past and even traumas our ancestors experienced are held epigenetically at a cellular level and in our energy bodies which affects our physical health and our emotional wellness.

The Nourished Health Process:
Getting to the Root

Grounding Meditation - rooting into the earth, Nourished Health

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner with a background in individualized nutrition, specializing in digestive health, the gut-brain axis, and autoimmune conditions, I prioritize lab work and getting the full view of your symptoms that extend beyond any one specific health concern or body part/organ. We explore where you are noticing physical imbalances, pain, and inflammation in your body and how those relate to your lab tests. At a very physical level, we look at how are you feeling and how the food you eat, the environment you live in, the people you surround yourself with, the physical activities you engage in, and the stressors you experience affect your physical health. As we continue to work together, the lab tests become a way for us to confirm we are on the right track and improvements are happening on a very physical level.

Physical symptoms, including digestive distress, weight gain, pain, inflammation and more, may be simply a direct correlation to the foods you are eating, the exercises you engage in, the stress you are currently experiencing, your resilience, and dysbiosis. 

AND sometimes things aren’t so “simple” and our symptoms  and health challenges may be the result of another time, another place, or may even be someone else’s experience that you’ve become permeable to. Are there lessons to be learned from the health challenges you are experiencing? If not, these lessons might not actually be your’s to learn and there is a need for releasing what isn’t yours and releasing those lessons to who they are meant for. Or is there a lesson there for you to learn that you haven’t processed through to the other side yet? If there is and you don’t learn that lesson, the health challenge will continue to manifest in new ways, becoming louder and louder until they cannot be ignored.

Because physical alignment isn’t always the basis for health, our work often extends into the other 5 areas of health and alignment to fully get to the root of your health challenges and support you to uncover and live your passion from a place of vitality and confidence. 

Our Work Together Focuses in on the 6 Areas of Health Alignment


physical Alignment

We start with focusing on your physical health and looking at lab work to determine where they may be imbalances nutritionally, with gut health, with inflammatory markers and more. Among other things, we will work together to get your nutrition optimized and to support you to know exactly what to eat, how to eat it, when to eat it, and how to prepare it for you to feel your very best.


Mental/Emotional Alignment

If you unconsciously don’t believe you deserve to live a life of vibrant health, no amount of nutrition supplements, eating the right foods or engaging in the right forms of physical activity will matter. We work together to transform the unconscious belief systems that you may have ingrained in your way of thinking since you were a child around who you are, your worthiness to be healthy, and what the mental blocks are to you taking control back over your health and being in communion and communication with your body.


Soul Alignment

When we live from our head instead of our heart, our body sometimes rebels through health challenges. If you aren’t happy doing what you are doing and being with the people you are with in your life, that will show up as health issues. This process is about becoming current with who you are now, grieving the losses you’ve been through so that you can step into soul alignment. Together we recover your innate resources for who are and the life you want to be living. Learn more about this process.


Energetic Alignment

Sometimes our symptoms or health issues aren’t actually ours but instead things we’ve taken on from others or have been handed down epigenetically through generations. I help you differentiate what is yours and what isn’t your’s and release that which is not you. These are called Embodied Emergence sessions. Learn more about these.


Environmental Alignment

Who are the people you surround yourself with, what is your work and home life like? If your environment and your relationships aren’t healthy, your body responds with inflammatory symptoms. I support you to set boundaries in your relationships and create the healthy environments your body is requesting (or rather screaming through specific symptoms) for.


Spiritual Alignment

Spiritual Alignment means getting in connection with your own divinity, intuition, and guidance to be able to see a bigger picture for the lessons this health challenge has for you. If we ignore the lessons the health challenge is teaching us, it either won’t go away or it will transform into a different challenge.

YOU Are what makes the Nourished Health Process Unique

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all health strategy. Everything you’ve been through, the environment you’ve been in, the thoughts you have, the way you connect with your challenges, and the purpose you are living in this life is unique to you and ONLY you. There is nobody that was or will be like you. This means your health strategy also must be unique to you. Your lab work results and the symptoms you experience are only a snapshot of your now and while important, there is so much more to uncover to live the life you want to be living. 

I support you to decode and communicate with your own body’s intelligence, to tap into learnings of your subconscious, and to collaborate with the wisdom of your ancestors and your own guides and intuition. Together we will walk your timeline to make your health current to who you are now, through the challenges of this life and of other times and places. You are so powerful and the information you need to live a vibrant life full of health is a part of you – you simply need to learn to tap into it. You are not alone. You have so much unseen support, far beyond what health providers can offer. The Nourished Health Process puts you in the driver seat to determine how deep you want to go in this process of alignment and what you choose to do with the information you receive.


What clients are saying?

It is not an exaggeration to say that Katie Bauer has changed our lives. Our children were both diagnosed earlier this year with an autoimmune disease, which causes them to progressively become allergic or intolerant to more and more foods. When we met Katie 6 months ago, my younger daughter wasn’t sleeping or staying in school because she was in constant pain. My older daughter had lost 10% of her body weight in the previous month because she had no appetite. Our doctor is wonderful, but his suggestion to put our kids on elemental formula or long-term steroids was not what we were comfortable with. And then we found Katie Bauer. Katie immediately had my children tested for food intolerances, and put them on a radically different eating plan. Within 5 days on Katie’s plan, my children were like new kids. My younger daughter’s chronic stomach pain went away, along with her chronic headaches, eye pain and joint pain. Perhaps more surprisingly, a few months after we started working with Katie, my daughter had an appointment with her eye doctor, and her eye sight had improved so significantly that she needed new lenses. My older daughter regained her appetite and all of the weight she had lost. We have followed Katie Bauer’s suggestions religiously, and she has been with us every step of the way– she is responsive, extensively knowledgeable, and most importantly, so passionate about what she does. Truthfully, I’m not sure exactly how it all works, but it really does, and I’m am eternally grateful to Katie for everything she does for us….
Julia Collins, Parent
I was also thinking my fibromyalgia symptoms has been lot better now since I started all your techniques earlier. I think the best for me is taking the tine needed for myself... It just taught me to slow down and not get triggered from stuff….
Again with my sessions with you and the tools you have introduced me to I’m making progress everyday thanks to you… Thanks for listening and coaching me on how to manage me better. I feel like if I have bad days or frustrated I bounce back quicker now… As always, thanks for all you do.
I really appreciate everything you've helped me with and for always being so supportive and understanding. I am feeling very confident in my abilities to manage my anxiety 🙂 I will continue to apply the techniques you have taught me. Thank you for everything 🙂 Thank you so much Katie! I have really enjoyed our sessions.
Thanks so much for everything Katie….I so much appreciate all of your help and support. You're making a big difference in my life.
So I've been getting better at understanding, accepting and not reacting to my emotions…. My productivity was also higher than the last couple of weeks. I'm sleeping a little better at nights. There were two instances at work where I'd be overcome with anxiety, I was quickly able to rationalize them in my head and the anxiety stopped…. So basically I hit some issues at work which were out of my control. Instead if being stressed over them, I told myself that this is beyond my control and I can't base my happiness on people and circumstances I don't control…. Regardless, it's working and I'm pretty satisfied with the results so far….I can't express how grateful I am that I decided to try [coaching] and had these conversations with you. I feel like I'm speeding my way through recovery.
I recognize that I get triggered with negative feelings and try and stop it with meditation or thinking in happy movements… Also I practice to give myself a moment or a few to work on myself. I feel your guidance has made me realize my needs and work on them.
I've been through much worse. Age gives you perspective and you have helped me dig out of the burden of depression. Activity seems to be the antidote this time. Depression is an evil son if a bitch and it screws up your perceptions and decision making capabilities. I was in a hole when I reached out... In a short while we have come a long way. You are my secret weapon. Heehee… Thank you (bow) you have helped very much indeed.
I’m sure things will come up that I will need your help navigating with that...but...right now it is just the best. Also the last couple days I have been noticing some obsessive fixation things and the usual anxious patterns, but I am feeling so much more in control of them, and not letting them dictate my mood or behaviors. Like tonight I am acknowledging I have about ten things on my todo list that we’re making me anxious / I feel anxious and am making a to do list of things as an outlet, but I am not going to do all of those things or worry about them and am just putting them in a box hat can be dealt with later. I think I’m creating the space without needing to change my environment. Thank you for helping me get there!!
I believe I’ve discovered the answer to life, the universe and everything, which for me means exceptional health, through diet. I found this with the help of one of the best nutritionists and health experts one could possibly ask to work with and that is Ms. Katie Bauer of the Nourished Health Wellness Center. It is with her guidance I was able to change my diet, stop my immune system from getting the best of me and achieved a level of energy that allowed me to reincorporate exercise into my life and discover a passion for yoga.
Alexandra Hall
Alexandra Hall-Bovee
I love this. I truly know that I continually do things that does not make my heart happy. Which is causing my depression anxiety lack of sleep and health problems. But finding what truly makes me happy that also makes a livable income has always burdened and scared me. Thank you so much for this… thank you for your continuous guidance, very thankful for you! 🙂
Even my wife noticing the change in my stress management….I was surprised. I usually constantly beat myself up for not doing a better job. I think just talking with someone, besides my wife helps out….I think the practices that I currently do at the moment like the working out and the meditation helps a lot in keeping my emotions in check. I gets stressed easily and what I find helps is I can be more present when I’m under pressure for example if I’m having a intense conversation I usually go defensive mode. And because the exercises that I do helps me manage my stress better. I’m more present to just take a breath before responding. Or thinking of productive conversation so my emotions don’t speak for me. I honestly feel I have a long way go but I am amazed on how much progress I made. I still get mad and frustrated but these days I spent less time of that. I find I do get mad because I’m human but I also find ways to quickly let them go. And focus on the things that I have control over… I try. And like I said I have you and those exercises to thank for.
I have noticed recently that I have actually gotten quite good at leaving all the stress at home when I go out and just enjoying the moment.... For the longest time I just felt like I was always drowning. Like I was suffocating under this sea of stress and depression and troubles. And I still feel like that sometimes but it is rare now. I have seriously tried very hard to work on myself and just acknowledge that yes, being a full time care giver is extremely difficult. Being a mom is harder. Having your entire family relying on you to keep your shot together is insanely stressful. Can I change those things? No. At least not right now. Since I cant change those things, I need to embrace that they are there and keep on moving forward.
I think that with your assistance I have been able to successfully work through the challenges that I wasn’t sure how I would be able to overcome. I have reinstated wellness practices that I had lost touch with, learned to listen to my gut again and have reaffirmed my belief that we are all capable of creating magic with a little hard work…. I truly appreciate your guidance and assistance while I worked through all of this…. thank you!
I'm giving myself more permission to make mistakes without negative self talk. It feels more comfortable being myself around people. Yeah, it was a pretty interesting talk. My takeaway was to lean into and acknowledge mistakes/weaknesses/fears rather than trying to be perfect. Well I noticed that previously I would just get annoyed at myself whenever my social anxiety bubbled up and that would drive me into an unhelpful downward spiral. But now that I'm taking your advice to be more compassionate with myself those anxious moments don't come up as often, and when they do they also pass faster.
I have been losing weight and feeling better. All my clothes that I have been wearing are really lose…. It feels great
I also wanted to say thank you so much for talking through some of this stuff with me. Not only do I feel like it's really beneficial, but your coaching has also indirectly helped me improve my relationship with my mom who I used to try to have these conversations with. So now I can be more independent which is great!
I have noticed a significant change. I have stopped treating myself the way I used to do, I have been asking more help without worrying someone might judge me. And that has made work so much easier and enjoyable. I can't remember even a single negative self talk since the last time we spoke… Self talk has worked really well. I didn't know a simple thing like that could have such a huge change. I feel like the main thing you helped me realize is that I was pushing myself too hard and setting unrealistic expectations and just being aware of that has been a huge change.