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One month or so before my 40th birthday, right on time—for once not procrastinating, I was hurled head-first and with great tenacity into my impending mid-life crisis. Although transitions of identity, whenever they may come, can be liberating, fulfilling, and even joyfully amusing, mine definitely started as a crisis before it became an awakening!

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Are you as enthralled as I at watching the leaves release themselves in an exuberance of color at this time of year? I believe in mirroring the seasons in how we live. Living seasonally allows us to not fight the forces of nature in our own nature.

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Want cake?

We all get cravings for certain foods and sometimes those foods are not the healthiest choices for us.

“My name is Katie and I am a sugar addict. I’ve been clean for 6 hours.”

Sound familiar? I know that I’m not alone. 

Once I break the sugar addiction and clean it out of my system, I’m fine. The cravings no longer strangle me with their incessant need and persistent control of my life. I stop dreaming about eating dessert. I stop thinking non-stop about getting my next sugar fix.

But it’s the getting it out of my system that’s the hardest part. Every. Time.