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Dating Myself

This article isn’t about the stress of relationships with others, but about changing simple acts of relationship to self that can have drastic impacts on histamine levels. It is a call to date ourselves and change the way we eat and hold space for ourselves and our bodies as a way to calm inflammation and reduce our histamine loads. Will you heed the call?

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Stress response in the body

Sufferers of histamine intolerance and of mast cell-associated disorders need to be especially skilled at managing stress responses in their bodies. This is especially true of sensitives and empaths who aren’t just managing their own stress, but the stresses of those around them too. Although it is not possible to remove all stress from our lives, what is possible is to calm the reaction our nervous systems have to stress.

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Chocolate chip cookies

Cookies!!! YES! More specifically, chocolate chip cookies. Even more specifically, no-sugar, immune supportive, decadent balls of delicious healthy fatty goodness. Use this chocolate chip cookie dough for baked cookies (with a Mexican Wedding Cookie-type consistency), for home-made ice cream, or for just plain ol’ eatin’ of the raw dough deliciousness.

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