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This article has been updated–Please check out newer research and info in article here: “Celiac Disease and Nutrient Deficiencies: How are Your Zinc Levels?”
People with celiac disease or gluten intolerance have been found to have malabsorption. This is especially true for zinc, which is absorbed throughout the small intestine. Protein (including gluten) increases zinc absorption and zinc is found in wheat and rye (see below for what else zinc is in). Most Americans are already deficient in zinc. While many of us consume less than 10 mg per day, we actually need between 12 and 15mg.
Read on for how you can tell if you are  zinc deficient and why it matters…

I bet you didn’t realize it, but every grocery store in every town contains a gluten free section. It’s called the produce section. Seriously. The safest and easiest bet for having a gluten free diet is to get back to basics. Avoid processed and prepared foods.  Eat “real foods” not foods with ingredient lists. Vegetables and unprocessed meats are naturally gluten free and risk of cross-contamination with gluten is extremely minimal. The more processing and the more handling, even naturally gluten free foods go through, the larger the risk of cross-contamination with gluten. But for those of you refusing to live the simple life and crave a little danger, this article explains what grains and starches are naturally gluten free, which ones aren’t and which ingredients on ingredient labels should always be avoided.