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Is this you?

Do you have a difficult time getting up in the morning? Even if you get seven or more hours of sleep, are you still tired and still dependent on coffee? Do you get lightheaded or dizzy when you stand up too fast sometimes? Around 3pm do you start feeling really tired and start craving sweets, refined carbohydrates, soda and/or coffee? If one or more of these symptoms are relevant to you, it is possible that you are experiencing hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction or what is commonly referred to as adrenal stress or adrenal fatigue.

You are not alone… According to James Wilson, an astounding 80% of Americans will suffer from some level of adrenal dysfunction at some point in their lives! But even with this level of prevalence, it is the most misdiagnosed and undiagnosed health condition there is!

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Today I am sitting at the hospital, waiting for a friend of mine who is in surgery for a spinal cord injury. As a result of having my tonsils stolen from me (which I would still like back, pleeeze), I’m a tad skeptical of surgeries, but her’s, sounds like a good idea. Without the surgery, if she falls again (which caused the misalignment with her vertebrae in the first place), the bone resting against her spinal cord could get lodged further in and result in her becoming a paraplegic. Yep, Western medicine usually avoids prevention, but in this case, I guess that’s what this surgery is for, to prevent future catastrophe. Okay, yeah, I know, true prevention would be to figure out why she is prone to falling and why her bones are prone to moving, but just go with it okay? I’m grasping for a theme… A context…

So here I sit at the hospital, drawn to the glamorous fashion magazines and such that scatter the tables. And then I see it… The July issue of Good Housekeeping has the article, “Energy Boosters: The Secret to Fighting Fatigue.” My interest is peaked since fighting fatigue is one of my areas of specialties (digestive health and brain fog being the other two) and the idea of learning a “secret” to help my clients do so—well heck, sounds pretty good to me!

So are you ready? Their big secret… The secret that will forever end your fatigue, give you bounce in your step, allow you to get energy after sleeping 6 or more hours, solve all of your afternoon lulls and allow you the motivation in life you desire…

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kid enjoying salad

Diet and nutrition are often overlooked or dismissed, when, in fact, many of the symptom presentations in ADHD or autism are directly related to nutritional deficiencies, disturbances in nutrient metabolism, poor diet, and the negative effects of specific foods.

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