Work With Kathleen

Work With Kathleen

My goal is to support you to release the projections of what others want you to be or what you have unknowingly absorbed into yourself that isn't you and for you to unapologetically embody your clear, loving, authentic, creative, fearless self. I am here to support you to remember who you truly are; to empower you to find your truths and the knowledge within yourself to support you to live your highest potential. In living a life that feels authentic to your body, mind, and soul you will be in alignment with your individual truth, purpose, and path; and from there true Nourished Health follows.

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Why work with

KatHleen Bauer

Kathleen is an emotional wellness, behavioral health, and trauma-informed spiritual and life guide who is certified as a Holistic Health Coach, Therapeutic Chef, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, and Clinical Herbalist who has trained extensively in energy medicine, shamanic healing practices, trauma recovery, and medical qigong. Her mission is to help people look within and heal their relationships with their soul, their body, and their health as they ignite their passion for their path. She holds safe, sacred space for change through dialogue, visioning, guided meditations, lifestyle and spiritual counseling, energy-clearing, partnering with the seen and unseen world, working with the conscious and the unconscious mind, connecting the left and right brains, and weaving into the work healing foods, herbs, and lifestyle change. Learn more about Kathleen.

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Crisis to Transformation Coaching

You are in transition, be it a mid-life crisis, a change in work, a change in relationships, or simply a knowing that there is something more for you than what your existence is now.

Nourished Health Sessions

You are struggling with an acute health challenge that isn’t responding to the dietary changes and medications you’ve explored. You’ve tried everything or seemingly so. Doctors don’t know what to make of you and may even be telling you that “it’s all in your head”. Your digestion is messed up. You are tired all of the time. You can’t figure out what to eat. You’ve lost your vitality.

Embodied Emergence Sessions

You suddenly and unexpectedly are feeling depressed, anxious, angry, and/or simply negative. You don’t feel like yourself and don’t understand what’s happening.

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What has changed for Kathleen

My private practice for over a decade was focused on digestive health and the gut-brain axis, with very left-brain pursuits of tracking food consumption, creating meal plans, and measuring and evaluating blood, stool, saliva, and urine tests. Oh and cooking classes, of course. I was a steadfast believer that the key to all health is based on what we choose to eat and that this health can be measured and tracked by lab tests. I was wrong. I apologize for how many I have lead on this path, instead of supporting you to to create and follow your own.

Yes, digestive health is essential and I still focus on how we choose to nourish ourselves, but see now that nourishment extends far beyond food, just as our health extends far beyond our body. That there is more to the gut-brain axis then vagus nerve operation and inflammation. That there is more to health than lab test results. There are so many lessons to be learned from dis-ease, from imbalances, from our cravings, from our twisting paths, from what we avoid and what we gravitate toward, from the choices we make and the effects they have on us, and from our stuck emotions and beliefs.

  • What have you learned on your path? Why are you here? What is your soul telling you?
  • What is your body crying out to teach you? Your bowel movements screaming at you? What is your digestive health reflecting from the rest of your life?
  • What is the purpose of your feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, in joy, at peace, carefree, and/or uncertain? What is the lesson? Are you learning or avoiding it?
  • What does changing your health without changing the conditions mean for the path that you are on?
  • What is your purpose? How are you living your passion? Where are your lessons and have you learned them?
  • Do you use food to avoid your purpose? Is your inflammation a lesson, part of your path, or a distraction?
  • What are you avoiding by avoiding food or a specific macronutrient? What hole are you trying to fill by over-eating? What are you really afraid of that food is a stand-in for?

What are you doing about answering these questions – where are you focusing your energy? If you are stuck in dis-ease, in inflammation, in digestive distress, in anxiety or depression, are you continuing to seek out the same solutions and getting the same results?

The health journey, whether through Western or through functional medicine, is most often disheartening and soul-crushing. We are told over and over that we are wrong for what we are doing, how we are living, and what we are eating. We are scared of dying, aging, how our body looks, and health practitioners take advantage of those fears. Even if we do what they say, and change what we are “supposed” to change, are we actually living when coming from that fear?

I’m reopening my private practice to new clients. If you’ve worked with me before – realize that a lot has changed for me in how I recognize health and what I offer:

  • Will I still order and read your lab tests? I suppose, if that’s what you want but realize that lab tests only give us a snapshot of what is happening and are only reading very limited markers of health and have nothing to do with happiness or living your passion, following your truth or walking your journey.
  • Will we still talk food? Of course. I love food. That hasn’t changed. I can talk food and bowel movements, all day, everyday with a gleam in my eye.
  • Will I guide you in a cleanse? If that’s what you want but don’t expect our work to only be about food or the effects of inflammation on the body.
  • Will I convince you take a supplement, eat certain foods, avoid other foods, follow an eating plan or a specific workout, stop smoking, quit your job, leave the country, or divorce your family and “friends”? No, I won’t. I really don’t care what you choose. This is your journey, not mine that we are talking about and only you know, deep inside, what needs to happen for you to unlock your soul’s purpose, for you to create vibrant energy and joy in your life, for you to raise your vibration and align your purpose with your cellular energy.

Shit’s gettin’ real, son. I can be your guide, to help you unlock your truths, but I’m not going to tell you what to do other than to tell you to trust yourself and to listen, really listen to your intuition, to your body, to your true self, and to the guidance that is here for you through your ancestors, your soul’s lineage, through nature, and through challenges. It’s up to you whether you choose to heed that call of your own truth of what needs to happen. It is from heeding that call, from exploring our purpose, from living our passion, and from learning from our challenges (health and otherwise) that we can actually restore our health and take direction from ourselves.