Work With Kathleen

"Health challenges, pain, and fears, anxiety, or depression manifested in physical symptoms are how our body communicates to us about our higher purpose, our path, and where we are at and where we are going.” Katie Bauer

My goal is to help you become your clear, loving, authentic, creative, fearless Self; to shed the masks acquired for survival and to release the projections of what others want you to be. I am here to support you to remember who you truly are; to empower you to find your truths and the knowledge within yourself to support you to live to your highest potential. In living a life that feels authentic to your body, mind, and soul you will be in alignment with your individual truth, purpose, and path.

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Is This Work the Right Fit for You?

Sometimes the reason why we have difficulty finding our voice, acting on our truth, or moving forward in our lives is that an essential part of ourselves is literally stuck in the past or current trauma of illness, accidents, difficult relationships, emotional upsets, challenging sexual experiences, heartbreaks, and loss. This can lead to a feeling of disconnection to ourselves and others. We may experience grief, depression, anxiety, illness, low self confidence, meaninglessness, isolation, or an undefinable sense of loss.

Another reason we may feel a lack of vitality is from being overshadowed by self inflicted limiting belief systems; hostile/angry words from another that stuck with us; or our own shame, guilt, grief or anger leading to a disempowering self image. These intrusive energies can become lodged in our body and can lead to localized pain, discomfort, loss of vitality, and illness. Removing them releases us to feel empowered, uplifted, positive, joyful, lighter, and free.

The journey through the challenges of our lives–identity shifts, illness, trauma, grief, pain–are opportunities for growth, coming into our purpose, and finding ourselves and our power. I am here to support you to reclaim your power and embody who you are and what you are here to do, using these challenges as building-blocks to finding yourself and your purpose while healing your body and restoring your health.

You can feel the future calling, but something is holding you back or seems missing. You feel anxious or frozen. You want to believe that it is possible to move forward and sometimes you even get glimpses of it. But fear, doubt, self-blame, physical illness, or past memories keep you chained. You long to speak your truth, feel fully at home in your body and in your community, live from a place of aliveness, trust your intuition, and offer your gifts to the world. I can help you shift from struggle to the embodiment of who you are.

What are Sessions Like?

Together, we will consider the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your life to begin to address issues at their causal levels. From the root causes, healing can occur in all areas of your life and you can step fully into yourself and your path from a place of vitality and wellness. I serve as your guide on your own unique meandering path where you discover your purpose, step into your power, release imbalances that block and discern your path. You make meaning and enjoy greater fulfillment and health along the way.

These sessions are very body-centered, meaning we use the body’s intelligence as the portal to wise, sustainable, embodied transformation to support you to find your truth and way back “home” to yourself.

The work I offer is a highly intuitive blend of my 15+ years of healing studies. I weave together the traditional coaching model with somatic experiencing, shamanism, sound healing, movement and physical release, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness, visualization, functional medicine nutrition and herbalism, energy work, qigong, yoga, and brain and chakra balancing for a holistic journey through the body, mind, and emotional realms.