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Nourishing body wisdom in sensitives & empaths to heal inflammation, pain, anxiety & fatigue to show up powerfully & authentically​

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It’s time to ditch the anxiety, fatigue and the effects of overstimulation on a frazzled nervous system; to feel powerful and confident in your body and mind; to get to the root of inflammation, pain, and digestive struggles; and to trust in and understand your own unique body wisdom. 

As empaths or highly sensitive people, we are heavily influenced by our environment and can easily be overwhelmed from overstimulation. We can be like sponges and take in the heaviness of the world around us, feeling so deeply and intensely the emotions and pain of the world, of the environment, and of the people we are surrounded by. This is such a gift to feel so intensely and to have so much awareness of what others are experiencing and yet, if we aren’t prepared for this, it can overwhelm our nervous systems. If we can’t differentiate what is our own pain and what is the pain of others, we can lose ourselves and feel uncertain, lost, and out of connection with our own soul purpose. Our minds can rebel from so much input resulting in worries, negative self-talk, and worst case scenario thinking.

As we burn-out from taking in too much, we get fatigued, withdraw, and just want to avoid it all. Sometimes we avoid by numbing ourselves out with overeating, with sugar, by binge watching tv, through drinking, and via a wide variety of other addictive behaviors that all take their toll on our physical and emotional health.

As empaths and highly sensitives, our bodies communicate to us not only of our own needs but also of the needs of everyone and everything around us. Our nervous systems are more sensitive and can get easily overwhelmed, resulting in a flood of stress hormones that create inflammation, pain, digestive issues, and more. If that wasn’t enough, also, if we don’t learn how our bodies uniquely communicate with us, our bodies will communicate in louder and louder, and more and more painful ways. This communication can appear as a whole host of health issues. 

Why Work with Kathleen

As both an empath and a highly sensitive person, I have struggled my whole life with overwhelm and overstimulation from my external and internal environments. I would shut down and go into avoidant mode, as I closed myself off to people and experiences, and people would find me cold and insensitive, because to open myself up would flood my system with their emotions and experiences. For the first half of my life, being in very masculine-dominated environments, I was afraid of what others might think was weakness as I was flooded with emotions. I couldn’t help but to always see the best in people and as a result attracted narcissists and dependent people into my life. My nervous system became frazzled from taking in too much or trying to avoid so much, and my body/mind rebelled with skin rashes, digestive issues, fatigue, thyroid issues, food sensitivities, and moodiness. 

I had to learn to love myself, to set boundaries, to stand up for myself, and to stop taking in the emotions and pain of everyone/everything around me. I had to get in relationship with my body to know what symptoms were my own, what was not mine, what energies from my environments were affecting my nervous system, what was from trauma, what was ancestral, and how my body/mind communicated to me through my emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations. I had to learn to build resilience in my nervous system, ground myself to the energies of others/situations, and clear my system of what was not mine. From this place, my symptoms resolve and my body/mind allows for the healing of dysbiosis and gut issues, inflammation to be quenched, and body communication to not happen through pain. You can get there too…

I help sensitives and empaths connect to their body wisdom, counter overstimulation so they can show up powerfully and authentically themselves while releasing their anxiety, fatigue, digestive distress, pain, and inflammation. My unique somatic/body-centered approach draws predominantly from functional medicine, individualized nutrition, intuitive therapeutic culinary skills, psychospiritual mental health coaching, Chinese energy work, and medical qigong to address the root causes of health issues, support deep healing, resolve trauma, and empower you to be in relationship with your body and be your own healer.

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Process for working together

When symptoms are acute, we begin with Embodied Emergence energy work which may clear the symptom before exploring other approaches. If symptoms are chronic, we work to get to the root of the symptoms and strengthen the body and mind through a multi-pronged approach in Nourished Health Sessions that include Embodied Emergence work, in addition to Functional Medicine Nutrition and Psychosocial, Emotional and Neuropsychologic Coaching.

If symptoms are chronic and support beyond energy work is being sought, we schedule a time to do an initial free session in which the client shares their challenges and symptoms; we discuss a plan of action based on the three pronged approach; the client is provided with at least one initial action step to take regardless of working together or not; and if deciding to work together, appointment/s are scheduled and payment is made.  A package of appointments based on the need will be recommended as multiple appointments and appointment types will need to be scheduled. There is usually a 3 to 6 month commitment required for chronic health support.

When a client is only seeking Embodied Emergence sessions, appointments are billed at $100/hr and there is no initial free session offered. Typically the first appointment for energy work lasts two hours which includes a conversation about symptoms and needs, the energy work itself, and discussion after the energy work about information received and guidance for the client around self-care after the session. Typically energy work  is completed in one session as the body and mind adjust to the session and the work without being overloaded. If a future session is requested/needed, the session length is usually between 1 to 1.5 hours.

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Nourished Health Sessions

You are struggling with a chronic health challenge that isn’t responding to the dietary changes and medications you’ve explored. You’ve tried everything or seemingly so. Doctors don’t know what to make of you and may even be telling you that “it’s all in your head”. Your digestion is messed up. You are tired all of the time. You can’t figure out what to eat. You’ve lost your vitality.

Embodied Emergence Sessions

You suddenly and unexpectedly are feeling depressed, anxious, angry, and/or simply negative. You don’t feel like yourself and don’t understand what’s happening.

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