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The dissolution of self with unresolved grief

Grief and loss hits us so hard. It can feel like a complete dissolution of self as we navigate (or don’t) a new experience of being in the world without someone or something that greatly impacted us. All too often, we don’t grieve or don’t complete the grieving process and restore our sense of self post-change or loss and the effect can devastate our physical and emotional health. If you are dealing with a health issue that won’t lift or emotional turmoil that won’t resolve, you may have unprocessed grief holding you back.

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Grounding Meditation - rooting into the earth, Nourished Health

This simple meditation walks you through the steps to connect into the earth and ground your awareness there, as opposed to in your mind, thoughts or worries. In this way, from a grounded and connected place to the earth, as challenges come up during the day, you can more easily release the tension held in your body down into the earth where the earth can hold your worries for you and transmute tension and stress.

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Collard Burritos Image

There is something so primal, so basic to touching our food. It creates a connection with our food that I crave. A wrap is meant to be picked-up. A wrap is meant to be touched, to cradle our food as it cradles our love for our food. A wrap connects us to our food in a way that eating food off a fork never can. Everything tastes better in a wrap—even or especially leftovers.

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