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Breathwork 1 min video

The best way to get out of fear and to build immune system resilience is to shift our breathing to calm our nervous system. I show you how in this 1 minute video.

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Acupressure points to calm anxiety and overwhelm

Calm the body of anxiety, fears, overwhelm, and overthinking by self-stimulating two acupressure points I share in 2 video tutorials. These are points I stimulate using Medical Qigong practices with my clients but can also easily be self-stimulated through acupressure. 

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Happy Heart Month

Given that our heart actually produces and synthesizes neurotransmitters that are specifically connected to our ability to upregulate our nervous system and calm down our nervous system – it is essential when working to overcome depression or anxiety that we also work on supporting our heart health. More on this in the video.

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