Kick the Crack (aka Sugar) Addiction

Liking is contagious!

I try to support people with whole foods as much as possible, but sometimes it is necessary to use a nutrient to support your health goals. If you are addicted to sugar or refined carbohydrates, now may be one of those times. In this video I share a nutrient that many of us are depleted in that can trick your body into thinking it’s getting glucose so it stops craving glucose (aka sugar and refined carbohydrates).

This tip will work for you if you have imbalanced blood sugar. So, if you get 3pm cravings every day for sugary foods, bready foods and caffeine and you are in a slump—this tip is for you. If you get shaky if you skip meals or get “bitchy” when you haven’t eaten—this tip is for you too! Watch the video!

Suggested amount for emergency craving: 500 mg sprinkled under your tongue (use powdered form or open a capsule). For restoring systemic imbalance: Two 500 mg capsules (or powder) three times a day between meals until cravings are no longer an issue.

For those of us that experience these symptoms, your blood sugar disregulation may be the cause of your sugar cravings and every time your blood sugar drops too low, you will get sugar cravings. Although the quick fix offered in the video will be helpful, you also need to work on the longer-term solution to supporting your health and balancing your blood sugar.

And consider joining the Vitality Transformation Blueprint Group to support you to improve your blood sugar balance, kick sugar to the curb, take control of all of your cravings, improve your comfort in the kitchen, skyrocket your energy and so much more. The next in person Denver group starts March 3 and the next virtual group for non-Denverites starts the first week of April (email katie(at)nourishedhealth(dot)com for more info).

Please feel free to share your tips below in the comments for “kicking the crack”… crack sugar that is.

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Liking is contagious!

18 Replies to “Kick the Crack (aka Sugar) Addiction”

    1. L-glutamine really is amazing isn’t it David! Yes, it helps us build muscle and support our immune system when we are very physically active. It also speeds-up our recovery time after extreme physical activity/training. The other really cool thing that I will be sharing in a future article or video is that it helps restore gut integrity after leaky gut which anyone with food intolerances has. How cool is that?!!
      Katie Bauer recently posted..Kick the Crack (aka Sugar) Addiction

  1. Hi there Miss Katie,
    Thank you soooo much for sharing your wealth of knowledge to friends, family,and the community. Now that we will be starting week 3 of your Vitality Transformation workshop, i am so excited to be working with you again! As wk 2 was the crack reduction/elimination… You are the Queen of perfect timing as usual!!! LOL
    NAMASTE, Jim Price

    1. Ahh thanks Jim! It is so fun getting to work with you through the Vitality Transformation Blueprint Group! Yes, week 2–the get off the crack week is a challenging one for many people, but by week 8 those cravings will be completely gone and crack sugar will be a thing of the past for our group members! You are so fun to work with and I feel so blessed that you joined this program. I’m so excited for the bounty of week 3! In gratitude to you.

  2. Great information Katie! Thanks for sharing, I know that’s around the time in the afternoon where I feel like I need a little pick me up. I have never tried this before, but am now interested in giving it a shot!

  3. Thank you. katie

    I’ve been on L-glutamine for inflammation; didn’t know it helped sugar cravings that have been wild in recent years.

    I have found the best thing to do is forced abstinence through substitution at first with healthier snacks like gluten free crackers. Also, I found that ACV – 2 tblsp in water seems to tame the cravings with other bennies, too

    1. Rosemarie, that’s so interesting about the apple cider vinegar tip–great one! I’ll have to try that out. I agree that the best way to end sugar cravings is complete abstinence from sugar–difficult but it works, the cravings usually go away. The tip in this video is specific for when the craving is caused by low blood sugar. Isn’t l-glutamine amazing! It is so beneficial for restoring gut integrity from inflammation, also supportive to the immune system and helps us build muscle. Such a useful supplement!

  4. Sugar cravings are a real issue for some people. I know that I often find myself wanting something sweet even when I’m not actually hungry. But I try to keep myself from eating too many sweets. For me it’s always been about willpower to not eat something sweet but this would definitely make it easier. Thanks for the tip because if it will help me I’m sure it will help lots of others too.
    Lyn – A foodie who learns about healthy living every day recently posted..3 Surprising Toxic Foods we Eat Frequently

  5. Thanks Lyn for commenting and sharing your own experience with sugar cravings. Will power can be hard for some folks depending on how imbalanced their blood sugar is or if they are very low in serotonin or if they have an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria. I very easily become addicted to sugar and have to be very careful as a result!
    Katie Bauer recently posted..The Two Most Common Misconceptions about Digestive Health that Keep You Sick and Tired

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